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Whitelight Metaphysical Centre

“You have the ability to reshape the reality you are experiencing into one that is much greater, more empowering, and more powerful than you could have ever imagined.” ~ Rev Carrie-Ann


At Whitelight Metaphysical Centre we offer a variety of services to help you on your spiritual journey.  We specialize in Emotional Divination and Self-Awareness based on the Teachings of the Tao and explore Metaphysical microsm and macrosm principles such as “Heal Yourself – Heal the World”.

Hi and welcome to Whitelight Metaphysical Centre. My name is Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron and I am here to help guide you along in your spiritual journey. Come let us begin. 

Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron

Spiritual Counselling

is 1:1 support with Rev Carrie-Ann. She guides individuals on a journey of awakening to the possibilities within and around them.

Combining the power of your Soul Psychology and Spiritual Personality Profile. Rev Carrie-Ann brings it all together using a powerful method to take stock of your life and share with you the best way to reclaim your power and move forward with passion and purpose.


Metaphysical Teachings

Rev. Carrie-Ann specializes in Emotional Divination and Self-Awareness based on the Teachings of the Tao and Metaphysical concepts such as Angels, Intuition and your unique Sole ID. Her students will learn how to listen and trust their intuition and connection to source by cultivating a relationship with their healing angels, non-physical guides and higher source.

Book Study Groups

Virtual groups designed to provide an safe environment to explore metaphysical concepts with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to personal growth and evolution.

Healing Circles 

Virtual healing circle is a beautiful process that offers clearings and empowerment to ourselves, all the people worldwide and to the earth herself.

Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron

is a Metaphysical Minister ordained by the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry and registered with the Government of Alberta. 

is a certified mentor and wedding officiant through the SolePath Institute.

is trained as an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor through The Center of Being.

is a certified Fearless Life Trainer through the Fearless Living Institute. 

is the founder of the Whitelight Metaphysical Centre and Ministry.


A message from
Rev. Carrie-Ann

What is Whitelight?

White light is the most robust protection light out there. White light not only blocks out all lower energies from interacting with your aura, but it also blocks out all energy from interacting with your aura.

White light is hugely helpful expanding your energetic, emotional, and physical state.

White energy is one of the purest forms of energy there is. In metaphysics, white represents the upper chakras, symbolizing a very high spiritual vibration.

We can protect ourselves with a protection of white light when we don’t know what energies we’re going to be dealing with, but we know that we want to be at the highest state of energy possible.

White light is protecting and purifying.

What is the Whitelight Metaphysical Centre?

Whitelight Metaphysical Centre (WLMC) is a Spiritual Centre specializes in the areas of Self-Awareness, Emotional Divination and connection to our non-physical guides.

We accentuate the Divine Positive Aspects of Life to enhance the manifestation of good health, abundance, love, peace, and happiness.

The Recognition, Relation, Acceptance of Our Oneness With Source – God Within, generates the manifestations in one’s belief.

Metaphysical Science is

Metaphysical science is religion but without dogma.

Metaphysical science is a branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of our human existence, reality, and experience. 

Metaphysical science is capable of inquiring beyond physical and human science. 

Metaphysical science is seen as the search for truth, purpose and the meaning of life believed to be found through spiritual introspection like mindfulness meditation, emotional divination and self-awareness.

Metaphysical science asserts to answer questions like if there is a way to find true happiness and to live an experience of heaven on earth.

My Approach & Philosophy

Hello and Welcome to the Whitelight Metaphysical Centre.  It brings me absolute joy in knowing you are here exploring new concepts and gaining insight and inspiration on your spiritual journey.

My approach:

Throughout my own journey of self-development, I have come to understand that your reality is an outcome of your input, approach, and energetic attitude.   

I provide a safe space for you to: 

  • take stock of your life and get clear about your divine plan
  • understand the truth about trusting yourself and trusting your intuition
  • reconnect to Spirit
  • stop selling yourself short, and draining your energy
  • learn the truth about mastering your mindset (it’s easier than you think!)
  • reclaim your power and move forward with passion and purpose

My philosophy:

From my point of view, there’s nothing better in life than to be able to give back, to share what I have learned in all those years of hard work and insights.  

I blend my knowledge and life experience to guide you on how to trust your intuition and connection to source by cultivating a relationship with your healing angels and non-physical guides.

I promise to help you discover and express your potential and lift your doubts from your mind.

I will help you see why your purpose is bigger than your objections.

Let me help you break free and find the power and possibilities within you.