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"Carrie-Ann was very easy to talk to and ask questions. She was not judgemental but rather listened to my thoughts as I explored my paths. I learned a lot and would recommend her any day! This was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. I think everyone should have this deeper understanding of themselves. It would make the world a better place!"
Chrysta Lewis
Alberta, Canada
"Sabotage was huge for me. After going through this program, it made my awareness more acute and how to snap out of it fast was beneficial to me. It has empowered me in my life and with others."
Carmen Goebel
Saskatchewan, Canada
"Thank you for holding up space for us to share, to heal, and to enlighten with Angelic vibrations. Connecting with Angels has been my daily routine now. Either it is just a few seconds, a thought, through prayer, or meditation. Thank you for transmitting your knowledge and this wonderful gift to us!!"
Alice Jou
Montreal, Quebec
"You have taught me the biggest thing that started it all: Surrender. Surrendering was the hardest thing and I fought it. It was as if I had been dipping in and out of the lake and it is cold and abrupt. Every time I get out it shocks my system so it’s just best to stay in the vibration. Thank you Carrie-Ann with whole-hearted love and gratitude. You above all have taught me patience which is what you need when you work with someone like me who is all over the place and nowhere all at once. With love and light for you guiding me on this soulpath."
Meshell Checkley
British Columbia, Canada
“Carrie-Ann is a fabulous intuitive coach! She helped me see that I was ready to serve a whole new level of clients, and easily reach my desired income goals. We created a plan and she was there to provide support and check in on me as I was expanding into this new level. I highly recommend working with her!”
Amandalee Sparks-Hatt
Alberta, Canada
“Carrie-Ann instantly gets me back into my heart and my intention. She keeps me focused and moving forward in life and in business.”
Jennifer Joy Frederickson
Wisconsin, USA
"I have been working with Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron for the past eight months and the transformations I’ve seen in myself are remarkable. As someone who has been in ‘talk therapy,’ on and off, for most of my life, the work I have done with Carrie-Ann could run laps around the work I have done with other therapists and coaches. Her gentle honesty has allowed me to learn things about myself and take strides that I never thought possible. She has not only helped me navigate the stress of the pandemic and my career anxiety, but also the loss of a parent. Those three things alone are enough to leave someone feeling helpless and lost. But with Carrie-Ann’s guidance, I’ve been able to heal in a much more graceful way. Carrie-Ann blends spiritual practice along with practical action steps to help you achieve your goals and grow. She has provided me with a safe space to express how I'm feeling and I truly look forward to all of our sessions. I would recommend working with Carrie-Ann to anyone who is ready to make major breakthroughs in their life or is looking for support from someone who is wise, kind, and generous. Carrie-Ann has many gifts and I am so grateful that she has been able to share her gifts with me and her other clients."
Natalie Lander
California, USA
"Rev. Carrie-Ann came into my life at a time where I was stuck and frustrated with life, I wasn’t in a job I wanted, I felt I was going nowhere, not living up to my full potential and generally disappointed in myself. Not having any direction, and not even knowing where to start, Carrie-Ann started to lead me down the path of spiritual counselling to help get me back on track. Going through the program I began seeing things in a different way, becoming more hopeful and optimistic about my future and what I could create. As I started implementing some of the techniques I learned, I noticed a shift in how I was feeling about my life, myself and the opportunities that were presenting themselves. I now have moved into an exponentially better job that gave me even more than I expected or asked for, and I’m excited about continuing on with the lessons I’ve learned and what amazing things I can manifest for my life. Having worked with Carrie-Ann I feel I have much more confidence, I feel more centered than I’ve ever been and have a much deeper understanding of who I am and what makes me tick. Carrie-Ann was incredibly kind, supportive and willing to tailor the program to what I needed and what would benefit me most. I would highly recommend her services for anyone who is wanting to level up in their lives and gain a deeper understanding of themselves."
Laura Dart
Alberta, Canada
"Loved your classes! I use this resource daily in my spiritual practice now! So helpful!!"
Cinnamon Cranston
Alberta, Canada

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