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Rev. Carrie-Ann Provo (Baron)

Founder, WhiteLight Metaphysical Centre Spiritual Counsellor | SolePath Certified Mentor | Trusted Advisor
Email: revcarrieann@whitelightmetaphysical.com

Rev. Carrie-Ann Provo is the visionary founder of WhiteLight Metaphysical Centre, with over 30 years of experience studying human behavior and the human soul. Her profound wisdom guides transformative journeys toward spiritual enlightenment. As a Spiritual Observer and Mystical Explorer at heart, she embodies the role of a trusted advisor who derives immense joy from providing guidance to others.

As a dedicated spiritual guide, Rev. Carrie-Ann conducts in-depth interviews with experts, enriching her understanding of emotional fear, mindfulness, personality profiles, and spirituality. She is committed to empowering others, helping them find clarity and illumination.

With integrity and innate psychic ability, Rev. Carrie-Ann gently guides individuals toward their authentic selves, empowering them to embrace their spiritual essence. She creates a nurturing space at the WhiteLight Centre for inner exploration, purpose discovery, and manifesting potential. Her compassion, insights, and extensive experience make her an invaluable ally on the path to growth.

Rev. Carmen Goebel

Usui Reiki Master | SolePath Certified Mentor
Inspirational Teacher
Email: revcarmen@whitelightmetaphysical.com

Carmen is an invaluable member of the White Light Metaphysical Center team, specializing in the transformative powers of reiki and crystals. As an experienced practitioner, she offers classes in the Angels Transformation and Healing Angels, and mentors individuals through the 9-step SolePath system. 

With Carmen’s guidance and the SolePath Institute’s energetic vibration measurements, individuals can discover their best lifehack ever – their SolePath. This knowledge can help individuals choose to be who they’ve always dreamed of being and who the world needs them to be, while finding purpose, creating positive change in their lives, and enjoying happier relationships. By finding their role and walking their path to purpose and a happy, beautiful life, individuals can make a difference in the world and live the life they were meant to live.

Carmen’s expertise and guidance can help individuals unlock their potential and transform their lives for the better.

Coach JJ Frederickson

Master Certified Fearless Living Coach and Trainer
Email: coachjj@whitelightmetaphysical.com

JJ Frederickson helps individuals break free from limiting patterns such as playing small, procrastinating, people pleasing, and perfectionism, so they can live the life their soul intended™. She is a key member of the White Light Metaphysical team, guiding people through the four phases of personal transformation to create a bridge between their human reality and spiritual truth.

JJ is a Master Certified Fearless Living Coach and Trainer, with an extensive expertise in the proven Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom process.  She also uses her training in Ho’oponopono, Scientific Hand Analysis, the Sedona Method, and Human Design to help people create a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment.



Theresa Snedeker

Office Manager | Executive Assistant | Behind-the-Scenes Extraordinaire
Email: theresa@whitelightmetaphysical.com

Theresa Snedeker brings exceptional skills and dedication to the WhiteLight Metaphysical Centre team. With her remarkable organizational prowess and meticulous attention to detail, she plays a pivotal role in keeping the centre running smoothly. Handling diverse responsibilities with versatility, Theresa offers invaluable executive support and proficiently manages various administrative tasks.

Theresa’s exceptional multitasking ability, effective prioritization, and consistent delivery of results make her an invaluable and trusted member of the team. Her unwavering integrity and strong work ethic serve as a testament to her commitment to excellence.

As an integral asset to the WhiteLight Metaphysical Centre, Theresa wholeheartedly supports the team’s mission of providing spiritual guidance to clients. Her exceptional skills and dedication ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information, making her an indispensable part of the team. Theresa’s talent, integrity, and strong work ethic make her a trusted individual and a valuable contributor to the Centre’s success.

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