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Angel Guide Sessions are spiritual card readings that will help guide you on your path and support your spiritual journey. The traits that come up on the cards offer deep wisdom to increase your spiritual connection or guide you on your next step of the journey. The messages may also have traits that you can develop or share to support your journey, and they will help you understand the challenges you are dealing with as well as help you make the most of the opportunities that await.  You will receive insight into…

The Nine Key Aspects of your life:

Life-Path Reading

Keepers of the Light

Do you need guidance to make a decision? Are you wondering what the next step is? Are you searching for a deeper spiritual connection with yourself? When you book a Life-Path reading, Rev. Carrie-Ann will pull 7 cards from the “Keepers of the Light” oracle card deck and share the messages answering key questions relating to the challenges and opportunities you are experiencing in your life.

The Seven Key Questions Reveal:

Divine Wisdom

Angels and Ancestors

In whichever culture or religion they appear, Angels have always had one mission: to love, help and guide humans. On the earthly plane, Ancestors are the wise ones, healers and warriors who have offered to share their knowledge, experience and magic with us.

In these empowering Angel Guide Sessions – Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal and Earth-based spiritualities bridge the gap between this world and the next.

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soul Wisdom

white Light Oracle

White light holds all the frequencies needed for healing ourselves, each other, our planet, and all her precious creatures. It is divine medicine for the soul, empowering the heart, clarifying the mind, and awakening higher consciousness.

In this White Light Oracle Card reading, guided by Rev. Carrie-Ann, you will receive enlightening messages with signature healing processes from bestselling author Alana Fairchild to help you integrate the loving soul medicine of white light.

Take your journey with complete trust, enjoying the divine beauty of your path, and knowing the light is always with you, revealing the way.

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In addition to her training and extensive experience with the 9 Healing Angels through The Centre of Being, she has also recently received her certification as an Angel Guide from Angel Expert Kyle Gray. 

In all of her sessions, she invites the 9 Healing Angels plus all the Ascended Masters, Guide, Lightkeepers as well as any other non-physical guides that support the individual for whom the session is intended.

The decks she uses include the 4 decks that Kyle Gray co-created (Angel Prayers, The Angel Guide, Keepers Of The Light & Angels and Ancestors).

She also works with 2 other decks – 1) White Light Oracle card deck created by Alana Fairchild and 2) Anything is Possible Creatrix Activation Deck created by Melissa Harris.

Rev. Carrie-Ann has close to 15 years experience working with angels, non-physical guides and oracle cards.

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