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SolePath Mentorship Program


Rev. Carrie-Ann is a Certified SolePath Mentor and will personally guide you through the SolePath nine-step program and mentoring process. This program is a beautiful guide to understanding who you were born to be.

The intention of SolePath mentoring is to help you to navigate your life and the experiences that expand and collapse you. You will first be provided with an awareness of what is going wrong in your life, and then with tools to switch you to a place of expanded energy, making every day better.

SolePath mentoring is designed to give you both knowledge and understanding as you live a beautiful life filled with purpose and meaning.

$1,997.00 $1,397.00



SESSION DURATION:   Each session is typically 75-90 minutes in duration and includes:

  • Spiritual Counselling/Guidance
  • SolePath Mentoring (1 focus per session)
Each session has a different focus:

Focus 1: SolePath Energy Analysis Review
Key Communication: an overview of your personal, unique SolePath braid

Focus 2: Joyful LightPath
Key Communication: getting to know your Joyful LightPath

Focus 3: Progression LightPath
Key Communication: getting to know your Progression LightPath

Focus 4: LightPath Characteristics
Key Communication: connecting with all of your LightPath greatness

Focus 5: DarkPath Category
Key Communication: collapse and expansion of your DarkPath Category

Focus 6: DarkPath Core Energy, Need and Antidote
Key Communication: managing your DarkPath

Focus 7: Reprogramming your DarkPath
Key Communication: growing through your DarkPath

Focus 8: Dark Fears, Identity & Sub-conscious Reaction
Key Communication: DarkPath triggers and what to do about them

Focus 9: Creating your Life
Key Communication: joyful creation, using the Tao, of your beautiful life filled with purpose and meaning


We look forward to supporting your exploration, expansion and evolution!


PS… If you are unable to make a single payment, please contact office@whitelightmetaphysical.com to inquire about payment plan options.



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