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Your hands contain a blueprint for your life. The lines in your hands correlate to the neural pathways in your brain. Some neural pathways are well-formed, meaning you’ve repeated the same thoughts, beliefs, or behaviours over and over again. These show up in the major lines of your hands. Intense emotional experiences can also deeply imprint on your brain. The deeper the neural pathway, the deeper and more defined the corresponding line in your hand. Looking at the lines in your hands gives you a map of your current mental patterns.  Having this information means that you can maximize your subconscious habits and make work for you instead of against you.

$497.00 $497.00


The analysis typically takes 2-3 weeks to be completed.

IMPORTANT:  In your order details, you will find a link to schedule your first session #1 (45 minutes) to review the overall concepts of Soul Psychology and Scientific Hand Analysis as we are waiting for the report to be completed.  This is also where you will attach a clear photo of your right and left hands – palms up.


**If you would like to take a closer look into your soul psychology report Rev. Carrie-Ann offers a 5-step mentoring program which you can upgrade to at any time.  The total investment would be $697 and the paid amount of hand analysis will be deducted from your total.

Mentor program modules include:

  1. Overview of your patterns
  2. The Heart Line
  3. The Head Line
  4. The Fate Line
  5. Let’s put it all together
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