Attention: Spiritual Seekers, Holistic Practitioners, and Lightworkers

Discover how to collaborate with the Universe to create a beautiful, expansive life.

Do you have areas of your life that aren’t running as smoothly as you’d like? Or maybe some relationships that still seem to trigger you? Or maybe you know you’re meant to make a bigger impact, but there’s a part of you that is holding back and resisting? Or a part of you that’s confused about your life’s purpose?

The SolePath Intensive Study Program explains the mysteries of life so that you can truly collaborate with the Universe and create a beautiful, expansive life!

Whether you are new to the SolePath teachings or are ready to universalize your understanding of SolePath, you will love this in-depth and intensive study program. 

The SolePath Intensive Study Program includes:

  • How to create the life of your dreams using SoleIntending and the timeless teachings of the Tao
  • How to build a deeper connection to others by diving deep into all of the SolePath LightPaths and DarkPaths
  • How your SoleNumber answers the question “What am I doing here?” and gives you your next step
  • How to expand your energy and release limiting beliefs so that you make a bigger impact on those around you
  • How SoleHealing releases the energetic blocks that keep you from experiencing perfect health

Consider this a master’s degree in human behaviour that helps you be the best version of yourself and achieve a lasting
sense of inner peace and joy – all in just 90 days!

When you sign up now, you’ll also get...

The next 90-Day SolePath Intensive Study Program starts March 5th, 2022.

Don’t spend another year, another month, or even another day bumping up against the same struggles that are keeping you from YOUR beautiful, expansive life. Put the power of the SolePath Intensive Study Program to work for you so that 2022 can be a year of more impact, more purpose, deeper relationships, and better health!  


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