Welcome to the tenacious Living Radio Show. I am coming to you live from Vancouver BC this week. We’ve been having some wonderful weather here today. It’s been a little rainy, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful location to be calling you from. And we have an amazing guest in our virtual greenroom sitting in Calgary, Alberta. And I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for tuning in. If you’re a first-time listener, it’s wonderful to have you here. As you heard in the introduction, tenacious living is all about welcoming opportunities, becoming aware and being willing to take chances and expand your comfort zone and see what else is out there for you. And today our topic is very much in line with that it is the evolution of you and creating what happens next. What I want to say is the topic for our show today is the evolution of you creating what happens next. And our speaker. Our guest is Dixie Bennett. She’s evolutionary body whisperer and life strategist. Dixie is a luminary leader in the healing arts of Bowen therapy cranial sacral and somo somatic toe sorry, Dixie for messing that up emotional release Reiki master and teacher. She’s an evolutionary life strategist and speaker and through her own evolution of three near death experiences self discovery and healing. Dixie loves 16 years and industries such as retail, and oil and gas behind to pursue her passion and purpose of helping others. Each and every one of you has a story that started the day you were born. Each experience of love hurt bullying, anger, success, failure, loss, fear, joy, frustration is all unique to you. Each decision you’ve made has created the evolution of you your story, it has brought you here to this exact moment. And Dixie calls this the evolutionary edge where nothing is yet read and where we can create whatever happens next. And when working with Dixie, she can see the unseen threads your experiences, woven together that create the physical experience of your life. Over time when these issues have not been dealt with, they can cause issues in your tissues, which can lead to disease or critical illness. Dixie helps you get to the core of your pain finds your voice stand in your power and help you realize that you can create whatever is to happen next opportunities are limitless and you can live a magical life. Dixie Welcome to tenacious Living Radio. How are you today?

Carrie, thank you.

Oh, it’s so exciting. You’re calling us from Calgary? Correct? Yes. The topic that we’re going to be talking about creating what happens next the evolution of you that, you know, it speaks to everything that we want to share with the world. But I’d like to know a little bit more about your story. Specifically, because in your bio, we talked about your own evolution of three near death experiences and, and healing. So what how did you get here? How did you come to do what you do now?

Um, thanks, Carrie-Ann. Good question. I like everyone, you know, we all go through challenges through our life. And it’s how we choose to overcome them or how we choose to stay in the cycle of the pain. And over many years, I had developed severe chronic pain, and I was just really kind of miserable. I was living in a body of an 80 year old woman that was just really broken and nobody can really help me find out what that was. And through a couple of It’s pretty life, life changing experiences, near death, essentially, I made the decision each time to stay. And at that pivotal moment, there was, you know, there was a definite choice to continue to the other side or to choose to stay. And each time I chose to stay. And through that the evolution of me the evolution of my story is just continual change, and just learning and growing and trying to understand myself. And I was always seeking externally for that relief for that help. But yet, nobody could really ever give me the answers. And so I tried lots of different things, lots of different therapies, and nothing really was resolving. And I’d be in workshops, and I’d see people taking off and going off on these amazing journeys. And I’m still left behind, and I just couldn’t figure it out. And so just through my own, really tapping into my inner, really, it’s about tapping into your inner self. And that was my journey was discovering that it was up to me to heal. And a lot of my healing discovering was through a lot of imagery, a lot of dreams, it was through more of a gentle approach through cranial sacral, Bowen, Reiki, and those are all the things that I offer today. And even life coaching was a big part of that. We all have coaches and people that show up in our life at different points, very pivotal times. I’ve had amazing coaches and mentors, and everybody just seems to show up at the exact time and moment that I needed the information to help me move to the next level. And, and heeding that information and taking it and looking at how I could help myself, essentially, and that also by being supported by those who are there, willing to hold that space.

You know, some of the healing arts that you’ve that you offer your own clients, you were originally and a client and then as a result of it, you became a teacher. Some people may not understand what all of those different healing arts means. So why don’t we sort of quickly go through the list of those healing arts that you can, just so that people have an idea of what you’re talking about when we move through this? What does Bowen therapy? What is that?

Like a big one, and it’s kind of is one therapy? Well, bone therapy is a gentle rolling motion of an amount of muscle ligaments and fascia is basically like flipping a switch, sending information to the brain and to help you your body come out of the fight or flight stage into more of a deeper relaxed state for optimal healing. So it’s basically helping your body find the OFF button for the pain. It’s been an amazing journey, both through my own healing experience, but also through my clients. It’s a modality that’s newer to Canada. It’s in 32 countries around the world, and that originates from Australia. And I’ve had amazing experiences both with therapists here in Calgary, as well as taking on training and development through one of the creators who brought Bowen therapy to the world. They’re in their 80s and Elena Nazy wrench, and they’re still teaching to this day, so they’re still living their passion. And they give me great, great strength, and they have so much wisdom and knowledge that I hope one day I’m still at that age, living out my dream and passion and sharing the world what, what I love to share. So it’s just it’s such a gentle therapy that is great for newborns to the elderly. And I’ve just seen so many great successes with it from every walk of life and every stage. It’s just amazes me every day.

It sounds I haven’t been able to have a treatment from you yet. However, I’m very much looking forward to when the timing is right for us to do that. What is yeah, what does um, cranial sacral is cranial sacral and so matto the same thing or cranial sacral that’s okay. Natto emotional release technique. So they’re both hand in hand or they’re kind of the same thing. It’s just a different approach in the body from a different perspective. cranial sacral therapy is working with the cerebral spinal fluid, and we our body has a rhythm. So it’s like our breath and our heart rates. They’re working on their own. without us being a controller thinking about it and the cranial sacral system is very Much the same way. So the cerebral spinal fluid cycles through our spine and around the brain. And it works on a closed biological hydraulic system. So if you can imagine, it’s kind of like a, like an elevator. So the fluid as it goes around the brain, and back down the spine, it nourishes our nervous system. And, and basically, every bone muscle ligament in the body has a rhythm. So by tapping into the cranial sacral rhythm, I can actually listen to your body, and it will show me where the restrictions are. And that the somatic will surely through cranial sacral is helping to get to the root of the emotion. So that’s the issues in our tissues. So we call them energy CES, and sometimes through whether whatever it is a physical experience of a car accident, or a physical experience from emotional, an emotional experience, that becomes an energy system that can get trapped in our tissue. And what’s that, that energy that’s trapped in the tissue is trapped that emotion. So when we actually can tap in to that, and release the emotion from it, the release of the body, therefore releasing the restriction, so it’s extremely powerful because it works on a cellular level. So once you get to that, that level and release it, it’s gone forever.

And is it really that simple? Where it just disappears? Is there?

Absolutely, yeah, it’s fine. You?

Is there anything else to say about it?

Um, yeah, there’s times it’s just working with question, but when we start, we started motions and all of our tissue, it can be in any part of our body really. And it’s just amazing. Where are we choose to store that emotion in the tissue, whether it’s grief or loss, unexpressed, sadness, anger, resentments to the list goes on really any type of experience that we have taken a hardship to could be trapped in our tissue, and we just, it just kind of gets filed away. And we try it, we think we’re forgetting about it. But it comes to a point where it could be causing our body more harm than anything. So it can cause that’s where the disease comes into place. Therefore, it creates illness, if it’s not treated and dealt with, because it’s a blockage in the body. And our body always wants to be in balance. And so as once, when the body is it’s always working around. So it creates a work around whenever there’s a blockage, it’s always going to be an unbalanced the best it can. But when it’s continuously making work arounds, then it’s just causing more stress on the body, which then creates illness.

So when did this When did all of this come into your life? Was it before or after you took the leap and left the corporate world? Oh, what came in first? Yeah, yeah, I was. I was in corporate 2005 2004. So 2004 I actually was just kind of not happy in my job at the time. And I was contemplating and I was looking, not sure what to do at that point. And so I also went out to Canmore. And Kenmore is kind of my spiritual place where I’ve always gone to, to heal, heal myself and just connecting to nature. And I’ve always had really amazing, very amazing and auspicious experiences there. And this particular time I was out it was October, ironically, we’re in October now are getting in touch over here. I was hiking over in one of the mountains and there was a bunch of ice and I kind of on the way in it was really it was okay, there was a lot of ice but I was able to make it over. I didn’t have a lot of I didn’t know what to expect when I got there. And honestly, I wasn’t totally equipped. But when I came back, I was coming back and I was kind of climbing over this mound device. And I have made it over the first time so I thought this can’t be that difficult. But when I was coming back, I lost my footing. And I practically fell off the face of a mountain. However, the only thing that that stopped me was this tree. It was a little tree. It was about the size of my foot and I believe that God put it there to stop me from going over. And I was at the edge and I was looking down and there was literally two ice climbers coming up just underneath and you know I lost all my stuff. I mean, Thank God my keys were in my pocket still but I had lost everything else and off the side. They just kind of laid there and found enough I was by myself and just, you know, got enough energy to ground myself and start climbing back over and, and, like just kind of laid there like a star and just was thinking God that I was still alive. But when I came off the mountain, just an inner mantra that came out was just confidence and balance. And no matter what, what happens, no matter how things shake up is always within us. So when we come from a place of confidence, and balance, there’s nothing that can get in our way. So that was kind of more the first. The first was called actually the second but the third near death experience I was in 2005. So another year later, and I ended up with blood clots and my legs and lungs, and I nearly suffocated to death. And at that point, I just, I literally made a decision to either I could have gone or I could have stayed and I chose to stay because in my heart, I felt there was a bigger purpose. I didn’t know what it was at that time. And so when I was going through that experience, I literally surrendered into the illness, and it took me, it took me right out of the game. I was literally bedridden for about 10 days, I literally had to learn how to how to walk and how to breathe. And every day I made it a goal just to get out of bed just to get up and to get moving. And it was quite a struggle. And I mean, I was off work for about a month. And then I went back to work part time. But through that journey of coming back was just a lot of just being with myself. And you know, just being really present with myself and being present with each goal that I set every day. And just trying to achieve that. And, and it was really kind of cool just to see how my body was responding and how I was responding, and how my strength was starting to come back. And you know, just through that, after that experience, I was just really raw, more raw with pain that I’d ever been. And I couldn’t handle a lot of other therapies. So a colleague of mine introduced printing on sacral, to me, and I was desperate to try anything like that. And it completely changed my life. So I think there’s about three to four years’ worth of treatments and thoughts were, you know, ongoing, and it was through cranial sacral, and its metal emotional release techniques that I was able to release a lot of the baggage, and the sadness and the anger and a lot of the negative stuff that I was carrying, I was ready to let it go. And that in itself completely changed my life. So and every session is different, every experience is different. And but I always post and I still due to this day process through imagery. So I just moved through a lot of the darkness literally, through dreams through imagery, and releasing and letting go of a lot of that armor that we tend to place upon ourselves. And we’re talking about the other day about 1000 layers of armor that we tend to build up on ourselves. And it takes a long time to really release some of that, though, thought that’s been my journey and continues to be my journey. But it does get easier and easier every day.

How did you? So that was back in 2004 2005? When did you when did you start? When did you make the decision? When did you take that leap to leave the corporate world? Like yeah, yeah, you had a lot of shifts. During that time, I had a lot of shifts. And I had a lot of people in my life who were supporting me from all levels, but I think I can actually remember the year but it was actually I had worked with a life coach because I was in corporate, but I wasn’t fully fulfilled. And I had no idea no direction, no idea where I was going to go. So when I worked with a life coach, we kind of went through a program of really just cleaning out all that stuff that we’ve been carrying on a deeper level. And we work together to find some guidance and some a clear design of maybe the direction I wanted to go in. So I had no idea I was going to get into the healing arts like that was an event and I’m like, I’m in corporate business training, how could I possibly get into the healing arts? What does that mean? What does that look like? And so we came up with a plan and I started researching and looking at how could I possibly how could I make this transition? What do I need to do and where can I go to school? What kind of Who do I want to be so I really got to recreate myself. And so I just started researching and just getting more and more clear direction. So I started going to school I decided to become a home therapist and I went to the University Mount Royal and went to school part time a weekends worked on that. And then cranial sacral, same thing, really dedicated all of my holidays and vacation time and weekends to all of my training and developments. And once I was fully certified, I started, I thought, What the heck, I’m going to open up my own business. So I did. And I gave myself kind of a five year plan, I thought it would take a few years to, you know, make it work and get it developed and start building a clientele. And I literally was in alignment with who wasn’t supposed to be and the universe had a different plan. So I think it was about six months. That is from the time I opened my doors to my business, it was six months later that I left corporate fully and, and really walked away from that and jumped, jumped fully into the business that I have today.

What year was that? When did you open? still points?

Um, I opened in 2011. So I’m just celebrating my 30-year anniversary. Remember? Yes, for three years? Wow.

Wow. Because when we first met, it was in 2000. And I think it was 2009 through the running room. Because we were both learning, we were both taking the time to allow our body to learn. Learn to get moving again. Yeah, so that that was an experience in itself. So it was yes. We can’t believe it that long ago.

I know. To think that from 2004 2005, you are not happy to 2009 you know, trying to learn to run again and hearing your journey in 2005 with a blood clots and everything. That’s a pretty significant time in your life. And then two years later, you’ve completely shifted and moved into a completely new way of living. What was it like to take that leap? Like when you in 2000 and Levin, when you actually left the corporate world? What was that, like? What came up for you?

Oh, it was, it was pretty scary. I think I really had no idea what I was going for. But it was I really made the decision to I mean; I could have stayed in incorporate for probably as long as I wanted to. And, you know, I had an opportunity to move into a job but I really was looking to it was a company I had my eye on for a long time. It was a dream job, what I considered a dream at that time. So many exciting things about it. But I just I knew in my heart that if I didn’t make it go, I probably never would have. And so I just I literally just left, I left, literally and jumped with both feet in. And I was so scared. There were days where I was just like, I have no idea what I was doing. And it was I mean, there was definitely a lot of fear. And it kept me up at night. It woke me up at night. It was people told me stories of the green fear monster that would take over your life. And I definitely met that monster.

What did that? What? What did that fear? Look? What did that look like for you?

Um, it was, I was definitely a challenge. I mean, it was, I could have folded and chosen a different path, obviously going back into corporate, but I just knew and again, I just stay with my heart. But that was just not the right path for me and I was going to make a go no matter what. So I definitely immersed myself and surrounded myself with I mean, I had healer friends, I had lots and lots of support that just kept showing up in just magical and amazing ways that were just there to support me and to hold space for me. And one of the biggest things I think that got me through that was a lot of my women’s groups that I chose to step into and to connect into and, you know, the support that I was getting at that time was just priceless. Especially being an entrepreneur, there’s definitely it’s like a, like a secret club. Almost. It’s like, yeah, you’re one of us, we want to take you in and we’re going to embrace you and support you and you know, it’s just a very different mentality of, of just admire oration support and just moving forward no matter what. But the people who show up are just our I am incident. I have so much gratitude Dude, for every single person who showed up and continued to show up, do you think that’s how you overcame the fear? It was that willingness to let others in?

Absolutely, it’s the willingness to be vulnerable, and the willingness to let other than, and, you know, it gets easier and easier to move through the fear, for sure. And, um, I mean, every day, I’m still learning how to overcome fear. And but it gets easier. And it’s not nearly as big as or consuming as it used to be. And I’ve learned to really sit with it and to make decisions from really make the decisions from my heart. And really listen to that. Is this the right decision? Or am I making it from, you know, from fear, if you’re making a decision from fear, it’s never the right decision. But when you make your decision from your heart, and it’s a clear, solid decision, you can’t, of course, you’re going to succeed.

So let’s, let’s talk about that a little bit more, because earlier, you had indicated that you were living what you consider to dream at that time. Is that part of fear, creating an illusion that what you have is what you want?

Absolutely. I think there’s always we’re always creating the illusion. But and I think the illusion is here. And when we make decisions from our fear base place, then it’s, it’s not always true. And it keeps us in that drama and that chaos. But when we make decisions from our heart from a pure place, that’s where the magic happens. And that’s where you’re in, that’s when you start to be in perfect alignment.

So how does one become differently? How does one recognize when they’re in alignment and when they’re not? What are some of the red flags are the key things that our listeners could be looking for in their life to help them recognize whether they’re on the right on the right journey or not?

Well, I know it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos. And you’re in the chaos, he can’t think straight, he can’t see straight and the decisions are not always the best that they could be. But to sit in a quiet place, and to really hear that knowingness and to feel it through every fiber of your body. And even just to feel where the fear is in your body, and sit with it for a minute and just sit with the fear. And it’s, it will start to dissipate and disappear. And you’ll have more clarity on what it is that you want to decide or, or what that decision starts to look like. Because I know for myself, the more I make decisions from an aligned perspective of really listening and feeling it in my body, does it feel right, is it in my stomach? Does it feel right in my heart? Does it feel right? It’s always more than right. And the opportunities are boundless, and expensive. And they just keep showing up more and more effortlessly. Well, I, you know, I remember when I met you, I think it was back in 2012, the winter or the early winter of 2012. And I was going through a bit of a transition myself and everything I was saying ended with Yeah, but and you kept saying quit saying yeah, but you remember that?

Yeah. Only committed Easter.

What do you think, creates sociopaths? Is that the fear? Or is it us trying to justify the life that we have at the time?

And it’s I think it’s justifying the life that we have at the time, because it’s the Yeah, but I still feel this way. Or when someone’s trying to show you something else that you’re not seeing. It’s the Yeah, but that still pulls you back into the old story. Yeah, but I’m still tied to that. Right. And so even though you’re not saying that I’m still tied to the old story, and still tied to that cycle, that negative cycle, I’m still tied to the drawn still tied to the chaos, right? Because it was a wakeup call for me. And I still have doubted those words come every now and then I’m like, ah, I’m saying yeah, but dang it, Dixie, they’re in my head again. So, you know, when I met, I was when we had that discussion. I was trying to figure out if I was ready to take the leap. And you shared some amazing things with me. But what are some of the lessons that you learned in becoming a fearless entrepreneur? When you were going through your transition? Because I was really looking to you as a trusted advisor in how do I make this transition? So what were some of the lessons that you learned?

Keep moving forward, no matter what. Probably won’t have the key lessons and continues to be one of those key lessons. No matter what, you just got to keep moving forward. And it’s so easy to get caught up in the fear and the drama. But when it’s gets, like I said, it gets easier and easier to recognize when you’re in that. And we all have the ability to get ourselves out if we choose to. And I know that my old stories don’t serve me anymore. And I don’t want those stories anymore. I want new stories. I want exciting stories. I want to live that dream and be a lot in alignment with what my dreams are and achieving them. Right.

I do think that even though those old stories, no longer service, they’re still part of who we are. And what’s made us today. Oh, absolutely.

I mean, the dream. I mean, the old patterns, the old stories, the experiences are so powerful to who, in the mold of creating ourselves who we are today. But it’s the choice. And that’s where, you know, you come to that edge of deciding Is this the life that I want to continue to create, or is there something better that I want to create. And that’s where I’m always choosing, there’s something better to create. And I know that that’s what happens with my clients too. And that’s why they come to work with me, is because they’re ready. And I love watching the transformation that they each take because when they come in, they’re stuck in the story or the second cycle or the second that chronic pain. And it’s really hard to see out when you’re when you don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. But through gently opening up the flower for each one of us shine brilliantly that each pedal is really a story of opening it up into who we really are. We’re not covering it; we’re not denying it. It’s just a piece of that story is so important. But it’s the continued do we choose to continue living that story? Or do we actually want to start creating a new story? And what does that news story start to look like?

And that really brings us to that evolution, the evolutionary edge where nothing is yet written and we can create whatever happens next. So when you talk, I love that Dixie absolutely loves nod. So when you’re on that evolutionary edge, and you’re just keeping moving forward, does it have to be grandiose all the time? Or can it be smaller steps that really help you out?

Absolutely, of course, it’s a smaller, it’s, I mean, I call it a little when the little wins, create the big wins. And it’s the everyday is just getting up and moving forward. Every day, it’s making a conscious decision that I’m going to do whatever it takes to move forward, whether it’s finding meditations that are in alignment with what you want to work on or mantras, or, like I used to have an I still do, I have cue cards that I write stuff out on that I read all the time at stoplights, or they’re in my purse, or in my books, they’re on sticky notes. And on the walls in my house, they’re on sticky notes in my office, around my desk. I write stuff on the, you know, on my walls in my office for some of my clients, you know that, you know, there’s, there’s always things that remind us to keep us moving forward and to keep looking for the gift. And that’s where I think we forget to look at our experiences. We need to keep looking for the gift that’s in that experience. And the gift is so powerful. Because when we they look for the lesson and we take the gift and it’s so much easier to move forward.

So how do you how do you embrace it? Like you’re moving forward? You’re starting to live the life that you you’re envisioning for yourself? And I don’t know, is it really envisioning for yourself or something that you’re creating as you move along? There is what’s the difference there? Dixie?

I think it’s what we all have dreams. And we all kind of have, I think most people have a goal of what they want to achieve. And it’s just like I said, it’s, I think it’s the small things every day we do have the end target in mind of what our ideal life might look like. But I know that mind change, mine is consistently changing almost every day. And my life is very different than the life I even dreamt of even last year. You know, it’s just it’s continuously changing and evolving and new experiences, new people. New, new challenges and reminder challenges. You know, it’s like have you really learned this lesson yet? Yeah, no, I’m ready. I’ve learned discipline. And you know, we keep getting those repeats to just remind us Have you really have you really decided to move forward from this. And then it’s, you know, a couple of years later, it might come back up again, for a reminder, but it gets easier and easier to recognize that each time instead of getting sucked back in.

So do you help people with the, with the emotional IQ as well? Or do you deal more with just the healing energy?

I think both of that goes hand in hand. I mean, it’s definitely what I’ve discovered as a as a therapist is, it’s so important to have your mindset in check, as well as your emotional experiences in check and how you react to things and also the physical. So when everything becomes into alignment, then everything will actually shift on a bigger level. So a lot, many of my clients, they come in with physical pain, because they’re under so much stress. But the root of the pain might even be just as simple as you know, I’m just not getting along with my boss, I’m not getting along with my coworkers, and it adds lots of stress. I’ve got sick days; I don’t want to go to work. And so that that piece plays a big part in it. But it’s shifting, I believe it’s always shifting the mindset to look at, what is it that’s going on at the core of this, of this issue? Is it something that I have control of? Or is it something I don’t have control over. But the truth of the matter is, we only ever have control over one thing, and that’s ourselves and how we react to situations. educating and teaching people that that that’s the best way to resolve any issue is to look at how you are standing in that experience and how you’re showing up in that experience. And what is it about you that you can change, and then you will change the outcome?

So can you give us an example of how you help someone find their voice and stand in their power?

I love that one. Because it’s, we’re all looking for our voice, I think and when we fully and I always say it’s not about speaking, yelling the loudest or speaking from your truth from anger, it’s about coming from a place of love. And when you speak your truth, from a place of love, your voice will actually change and your voice come through. So true. And that’s when people listen to you, is because you’re not you’re speaking your truth. And it comes from a place of power. And, you know, it’s I’ve had so many experiences, even, you know, just even people in a man I like to use corporate for an example, because that’s probably one of the biggest ones that rings true for me is it’s about working with your coworkers, and how can we come together to work for each other, work with each other, not against each other? And, you know, sometimes it’s just as simple as going. And I think there you and I talked about this quite a bit too is how to, you know, how can we help our bosses, everyone’s busy. And everybody’s overwhelmed. And people react out of chaos and drama, and they create more drama and suck people into that void. But how can we allow ourselves not to get sucked in, it’s by always coming from a place of being grounded, being centered. And, you know, looking at your reaction and your choice of words, that you’re contributing to the situation. You know, one of one of my amazing clients, she, we’ve been working together for a few years. And it’s been amazing to watch her evolve. Because as she’s been using those different techniques, she’s not only one her boss over, she’s been doing amazing things. She’s had rave reviews in her performance reviews, and gone on for multiple promotions. You know, and so when you can actually learn to always come from your authentic self, you can’t help but grow and continue on being the best person that you can be and people start to see that they see you shine, and they want people who shine and they want people who are going to be teamwork. working forward with the team and being a great supporter and cheerleader, but not from a selfish point of view. It’s always from an authentic point of view. And that’s when you’re going to have the most success.

So what because you talk about the opportunities are limitless and that obviously is what you when you start speaking your voice standing your power. When you’re grounded and centered, and you’re not reacting you’re actually responding and creating what does a magical life look like? What does it mean to live a magical life?

Um, I think magical life and it’s even great everything knowing that when you’re living in true alignment of who you are, everything just starts to show up in such an easier and easier way, opportunities start to just show up, magically, and people are like, oh, hey, I was thinking about you, how can we align? How can we work together? What can we do to make this a win or a success for both of us. So you strategically get to, I think your magical life is being surrounded by people who love and support you, and are there to, to continue to hold that space for one another, whether it’s highs or lows, but the more highs that you have, in an authentic way, and the more in truth that you are with yourself, the less loans that you have, and even at the lows that do show up, they’re not quite as, as heavy as they used to be. And so the magical I believe that magical life is, is really thinking and being who you are. And when you think it, it just shows up in it, and it appears, it’s like it’s the power of the law of attraction or power of manifestation. I mean, it’s, it is such a simple concept. But when you work in true alignment, and that it can’t help it not appear for you. And that’s where the magic happens.

For those of us who have experienced what this is, like the law of attraction, the manifestation, we, it seems so obvious yet, so many people are have so much resistance to believing that it could be that simple. Why do you think there’s such resistance? Because that’s the fear.

And, and really, its fear is like a blindfold. And if you don’t want to see, you’re not going to see. And if you’re going to stay, if you want to stay in that fear, that fear-based consciousness and operating from fear, then and you believe that it’s not going to happen, then of course, it’s not going to happen.

I have a question for you. When you’re working with people, can you actually feel their experiences or see what experiences are woven together?

Sometimes? Yeah, sometimes it depends on the person. I’ve had lots of very interesting experiences. I do see what’s in the body. Sometimes what they’re holding, or where they’re holding it, or, I don’t know. I don’t even know what to call it. It’s that level of intuition where I’m just I know, I just the body shows and tells me where I need to support it and where I need to hold. And it’s, it can be very magical, it can be very powerful. When the body feels safe enough to, to start to release and responds. So yeah, I just, I mean, definitely, there’s the physical therapies, which are a big part of appealing. But there’s also, I guess, the intuitive side where I actually I do see, I see the threads that are all interconnected. From the story of our physical life, right into the physical body, and some of the ailments and illnesses, the emotional side that’s attached to that illness. So it’s all interconnected. And I, and I don’t know I thought maybe everybody was a slave, but maybe they’re not where I just I see the bigger story and I and I know what what’s at the root of a lot of effortlessly.

And I think that’s what makes you such a powerful evolutionary boss body whisperer. Because you have because not everyone has that that innate ability or that intuitive sense to help people figure out what is actually going on with them. So it’s a very special gift that you have Dixie and I really want you to know that that it’s very special what you have How did you How do you help people find their cars this is obviously your purpose in life is to help others figure out what their purpose and passion is, and using their physical sensations as a key indicator to move them into something even bigger and better. When you sit back and you look at your life now what goes through your mind compared to where you were in 2003 Wow. What goes through my mind? I’m so grateful, I think and that’s one of the core pieces of growing and evolving as always, is really being thankful and with gratitude for all the goodness that shows up, I mean, even the bat, whatever comes up is there to continue to teach us a lesson. Not everything is, is rose colored all the time, but it’s I have to say, wow, I mean, I’m enjoying my life, I have had amazing experiences. I love to travel, and I continue to travel. And the travel that I do now is a little bit different than what I used to do. But I’m more on a spiritual path, and more spiritual experiences, too, to gain more clarity in how I can support myself as well as others. And through that, it’s just a constant, constant awareness of just always learning to be present. And that’s what I’m grateful for, I think is just all those people who have shown up along the way, the people who I thought didn’t deserve to be there, but they also are a gift, because they showed me what I needed to see. So I’m grateful for everything that has happened, but I I’m so in awe. And so many other things are coming down the pipe for me too, and it just keeps How does it get any better than this? I mean, better every day.

And so you are you are living what you’re helping others do. You’re living a magical life. Absolutely. And the fact that you’re able to look at that, and go wow, or that being that sense of awe means that you are appreciating every single moment that’s coming your way. I just love I love it when the teachers are practicing what they what they teach. Where did steal point Bodyworks come in? kind of curious.

Like the name or yeah, yeah, um, well, that’s kind of funny. Well, it’s, it’s funny story. I actually had a whole different name picked out and I had a business plan. And I had a property all ticked out. And it didn’t quite go the way I had planned. And then I had to start from scratch again. So I, you know, I even had logos and everything designed for the, for the other company. And when I had to start from scratch again, I was like, oh, it’s a lot of work to find it. And other things have another name. And truthfully, the name came up still points, bodywork. And, you know, it’s kind of, I didn’t even think about it much. But one of the books that was very pivotal in my evolution, I guess, in my awakening, you could say, was the book anatomy of the spirit by Carolyn nice. And I’ve read that way, before I even got interested in the healing arts, I didn’t really even know what she had talked about still point, as I think she even had a business name still point, and then still point also as part of cranial sacral, where it’s an absolute moment of quiet, and that’s in the body. So it’s literally it’s that stillness. And it’s almost like stillness of clarity. That allows the body to just release and just to be in a in a place of peace. And I just loved the name Still point. And I tested, activate it with a few of my friends and colleagues and just got lots of feedback, and everybody liked it. So that’s what I meant by

nice. I love the name. And I always like asking Where did that name come from? Where did it stem from? When I’m looking at your Facebook page, and I noticed that you just finished a Reiki session and it looks like you’re actually outside teaching Reiki on a terrace. Tell me a little bit about your Reiki because you’re not just using Reiki on you on your clients, you actually teach others how to do Reiki. So tell us a little bit about your Reiki experiences and how awesome this was.

Well, Reiki I love one of my I absolutely love teaching. I think teaching is such an it’s a gift. I’ve always taught people from many years ago. It just always came natural on guiding people and showing people the way showing people that are walking, welcoming people into companies and setting them up for success, the best way that I could, and always knowing where things were so naturally, I guess I’ve evolved into a teacher and in other ways, and lucky for me, I mean, Reiki it’s definitely an energy work. It’s a Japanese based teaching, and I’ve been drawn to it since I was a young girl. Probably 15 Maybe that’s for I got introduced to it. But my favorite, favorite thing to do is actually to teach rekey and involve teaching, which is what we did yesterday. So we had a, we had five students yesterday. And it was such a beautiful day that we went out on the terrace for the afternoon. And the feeling in the sunshine was quite lovely. But just through teaching the principles of Reiki and the technique of Reiki can be, it’s a spiritual practice, and it’s a spiritual revolution. And it’s just so powerful because you can use Reiki for anything and we all it’s tapping into the oneness. Just another way to tap in because it is there for us, it’s there to us, it’s there to it’s a part of us. And Reiki is just a form to, you know, show people the technique on how to tap into the oneness energy. And animals, it’s fantastic for animals and plants and gardening. It’s fantastic on even just how to set up a room and make it feel like a beautiful place that you want to be in. It’s just, again, we all have that within ourselves. It’s just teaching people how to tap into it.

Before we wrap up, where can people find out all about you and all this amazing stuff that you’re experiencing that you’re offering, and all the new things are coming into your world?

Well, you can find me at still point And I’ve got a Facebook page for us that one body works on Facebook. In I’ve got my personal page, Dixie Bennett’s on Facebook as well. And yeah, you can check me out, leave some messages, you can contact me through email or phones. All the contact information is there.

Excellent. And I noticed on your website, there’s also a newsletter, what goes on in your newsletters?

Well, usually announcements of events and courses that I’m offering. And I, you know, haven’t been very diligently getting those out. But that is something I’m working on. And I’m just getting more content together to send that out more continuously. So there will be you know, my newsletters about a friend, number of followers, which is always lovely to see. And always a compliment that people want to be added in. So definitely, if you want to stay abreast of what’s going on, and what kind of courses I’m offering this, I have a course coming up in October, studying up to the seventh, it’s called tapping into your inner wisdom. And 12 Lucky people will get to go through an eight-week program with me of learning how to really tap into who you are, and really learning to listen to your inner guidance, that inner wisdom that’s all within. So it’s going to be an exciting week opportunity. And you know, there’s more, there will be more, many more things coming out over the next few months as well. So, like you carry lots of great opportunities. But you know, I do have to remind myself to take a step back and to breathe and, you know, be remind myself to be supported and guided through the opportunities to make sure that they’re right from

absolutely love that. Any last words you’d like to say before we wrap up this portion on the call, or the show? Hi.

Thank you so much for having me. And thanks for asking me to be a part of this. And I’m honored to know you and I just have to tell you, I’m so proud of you and seeing you grow and flourish and all the different areas that you’ve moved into as well. It’s like, like you said, we’ve known each other for a while and it’s really exciting to see when the people in your life are growing and expanding limitlessly as well. So, yeah.

Thank you so much for joining us, Dixie, and thank you for allowing me to work through some of my breathing issues today while we were talking. I wouldn’t have you back. Thank you so much for joining us. Everyone who’s listening. Thank you for listening, and we will see you next week.

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