“SolePath is your spiritual personality profile and is who you are born to be. It is your guide to a beautiful life, filled with happiness, peace, joy, love, purpose and meaning. When you know your SolePath, you can navigate the pitfalls and those things that trip you up in your life, and connect with your unique, personal, individual gifts and greatness.” ~ Dr.Debra

SolePath is a deep journey into self-awareness. It is understanding yourself at an entirely different level.

Understanding what it is that makes you most happy. Knowing what it is that trips you up; why you behave the way that you do; why you continue to fall back on habits and behaviours that do not help you and get in the way of your happiness.

It is all about you.


Rev Carrie-Ann is a Certified Solepath Mentor and will personally guide you through the SolePath 9-step Program and mentoring process. This program is a beautiful guide to understanding who you are born to be.

Before you are born you create a plan and SolePath is part of that plan. Your SolePath is a braid of two LightPaths and one DarkPath. Your LightPaths are expanding energy and provide direction for knowing your life's purpose. Your DarkPath is collapsed energy and provides contrast, for experiencing what you do not want. Choosing away for your DarkPath towards your LightPaths facilitates your soul evolution.

Your first step is to  GET YOUR SOLEPATH ,  let them know that Rev Carrie-Ann sent you.

Once you have received your SolePath, register for Session #1 with Rev Carrie-Ann

The Tao and SoleIntending

SoleIntending, is a profoundly simple concept that connects the fundamental teachings of the Tao to a balanced intending process to create the life of your dreams. The Tao teaches connection, balance and flow and the simple, practical SoleIntending four-step process helps you manifest your positive expanding life. This book is a simple guided way that teaches you how to write intentions and be in a state of mind and a place of energy that will bring your intentions into reality. It is always a good time to write SoleIntentions, but particularly at the beginning of each new year, at the new moon, or during any major life changes.


The Tao and Emotional Divination

The purpose of this course is help you understand your personal energy, how your energy moves, when it changes and why this happens. I will share with you some key concepts and the wisdom of our principal SolePath guide, Seth. We will also briefly cover the magical beauty of the ancient teachings of The Tao and its practical application in our lives and you will learn the simple 4-step process of emotional divination – a practical easy way to just feel happier, to find your way and make a difference.


The Tao and SoleNumbers

SoleNumbers answers the question 'What am I doing here?' It is your guide to your inward purpose and your outward purpose. SoleNumbers helps you understand that there are two purposes to your life. Firstly, an inward purpose, an inward journey for your soul that relates to your own, unique and personal life experience. Secondly, an outward purpose, an understanding of 'what I am meant to be doing with my life' and what the impact of that will be on others with whom you connect consciously and energetically.



What is SolePath?

SolePath is your soul ID.  At the Calgary SolePath Institute we measure your energetics and give you your best lifehack ever, your SolePath. When you know your SolePath you can be who you dreamed you’d be and who the world needs you to be.

Your SolePath helps you find your role so that you can make a difference because as Plato said “there is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill; something that you are to do, which no one else can do.

Your SolePath is a braid of two LightPaths and one DarkPath. Your LightPaths are expanding energy and provide direction for knowing your life’s purpose; your DarkPath is collapsed energy and provides contrast for personal growth.

Knowing your SolePath is priceless but you pay only what you feel able to give. The SolePath Institute vision is for everyone to know their SolePath and that is why all SolePath readings are by donation.

Rev Carrie-Ann can guide you through the understanding and awareness of who you are through the SolePath 9-step Mentoring Program.


What are the Solepath Categories?

There are 6 Solepath Categories used for LightPath:

  • Charismatic
  • Compassionate
  • Inspirational
  • Intellectual
  • Intuitive
  • Spiritual

There are 3 additional Categories that apply to all: 

  • SolePlan
  • SolePath
  • Seth
What is the Charismatic Category?

What is the Compassionate Category?


What is the Inspirational Category?


What is the Intellectual Category?


What is the Inspirational Category?


What is the Intuitive Category?


What is the Spiritual Category?


What is SolePlan Category?


What is SolePath category?


What is Seth Category?