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Violet Flame Reiki Master June 21, 2023

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The Violet Flame Reiki Master Class is a comprehensive and in-depth program that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to become a confident and skilled practitioner of this transformative energy modality. It offers a unique opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice, expand your healing abilities, and contribute to the well-being and evolution of yourself and others.

This class offers a profound exploration of a powerful healing modality that combines the ancient wisdom of Reiki with the transformative energy of the Violet Flame.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this class.

Description: In this Master Class, you will be learning advanced techniques and attunements that will empower you to become a Master of this unique energy modality. This class will deepen your understanding and connection to the Violet Flame, allowing you to tap into its immense potential for personal and collective healing.

As a Violet Flame Reiki Master, you will also gain the ability to pass attunements and teach others this powerful healing modality. You will learn how to conduct attunement ceremonies and provide guidance to students, empowering them to harness the Violet Flame’s energy for their own healing and spiritual growth.

Class Methodology: NEEDED

Class Format: Zoom

Class Dates: June 21, 2023 7-9 pm MT

Class Materials: You will receive a comprehensive 33 page Violet Flame Reiki eBook.

IMPORTANT: This course is LIVE and will not be recorded. It will not be available for replay. Please be prepared to keep your video ON and ensure you are in a quiet uninterrupted place for the duration of the classe. Please be sure that both your audio and video work – everyone audio will be on; we will not be muting anyone except during meditation portions of the class.

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