SolePath Mentorship Program

SolePath Mentorship Program

A special note about the program and the practicum process.

This program was created by Dr. Debra Ford, co-founder of the SolePath Institute in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

The SolePath mentoring is a 9-step process, the intention of which is to provide awareness and tools so that you can navigate your life and the experiences that expand you and collapse you. Awareness around what is going wrong and tools to switch to a place of expanded energy so that every day can be better.  

Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron is a certified SolePath Trainer and approved to lead our practicum students through the process of attaining their designation.  The students are taking this program through the WhiteLight Metaphysical Centre, and certified by the SolePath Institute.


Discover your unique metaphysical DNA that contains the secret to your souls expansion and evolution using Dr. Debra Ford’s proven SolePath method. You will dig into your gifts and greatness by learning a navigation system that brings you more joy, peace, love and ease to your life.


Learn who you are at the soul level. You will gain the awareness of your souls intentions and purpose and how you can make the biggest impact on those around you in this lifetime.


Discover how you respond to the world on a sub-conscious level – Your fears and limiting beliefs  that keep you in a negative mindset.


You’ll get metaphysical tools and practical techniques that help you break through resistance and build momentum, so that you never have to hold yourself back again.

What am I getting into?

The person (practicum student) who approached you about this program is working towards the designation of certified SolePath Mentor. 

This is an opportunity for you (practicum client) to go through the mentorship program at no-cost* to you.  In return, you will commit to showing up fully for each session and be engaged in the process.   Upon completion of the program, you will be asked to provide feedback about your experience and the mentor.   The practicing mentor will not see your feedback; you will be asked to submit it to their teacher, Rev. Carrie-Ann (SolePath Trainer).

Who is my mentor?

This individual is required to participate in the practicum process by working with 3 individuals over the course of 9 weeks.    

They have completed the Level 1 studies with success; and are now in the process of completing Level 2 which will give them the designation of certified Solepath Mentor.

What to expect?

Step 1:  Submit your name, headshot and date of birth to your potential mentor.   They will forward to the SolePath Institute to be energetically measured to determine if you are a good match for them.   We want to match our practicum students with practicum clients to get the full mentoring experience.  If it is not a good match for them, they will measure you for our other practicum students as we know you are interested in finding out about your SolePath!  This is about YOU as well! 

Step 2:  Once a match is confirmed, you will be contacted by the practicum student to set up a mutually agreed upon schedule for the 9 mentoring sessions.

Step 3:  Participate fully in the process and enjoy the experience of learning about your Spiritual Personality Profile.

Step 4:  Upon completion, your mentor will provide you with a feedback form which you will submit to their teacher.

*The only cost associated with the experience is the cost of your textbook which can be ordered online through Amazon.* 

9-step SolePath mentoring

Focus 1:

SolePath Energy Analysis Review – 30 min that is included with your SolePath energy analysis
Key Communication: an overview of your personal, unique SolePath braid

Focus 2:

Joyful LightPath – 45 mins
Key Communication: getting to know your Joyful LightPath

Focus 3:

Progression LightPath – 45 mins
Key Communication: getting to know your Progression LightPath

Focus 4:

LightPath Characteristics – 45 mins
Key Communication: connecting with all of your LightPath greatness

Focus 5:

DarkPath Category – 45 mins
Key Communication: collapse and expansion of your DarkPath Category

Focus 6:

DarkPath Core Energy, Need and Antidote – 45 mins
Key Communication: managing your DarkPath

Focus 7:

Reprogramming your DarkPath – 45 mins
Key Communication: growing through your DarkPath

Focus 8:

Dark Fears, Identity & Sub-conscious Reaction – 45 mins
Key Communication: DarkPath triggers and what to do about them

Focus 9:

Creating your Life – 45 mins
Key Communication: joyful creation, using the Tao, of your beautiful life filled with purpose and meaning