Welcome to the show. Ruby, how are you today?

I’m great. Carrie-Ann Thanks for having me.

You’re awesome. This is so cool. You’re welcome. Thank you for joining us. Um, we were just talking a little bit off air. And you’re just saying how things have been moving pretty good for you and your business. And you’re starting to get focused on a couple of different avenues. And I’m so excited to talk to you more about that. But first of all, what I gotta say, What’s it like having living in carbury in the hometown there with harvest going on right now?

It’s, um, it’s pretty busy. It’s pretty wild. Right now everybody’s working their regular work and working harvest work, because that’s what we do in a small community. So it’s a lot of a lot of using my own techniques of breathing and relaxing and not stressing to get through it without wearing yourself on this one. It’s true, it’s an opportunity to practice what we preach isn’t it?

Sure is. Yeah. That was insane. It’s just a busy time. It’s that time of year where everybody’s sort of flying by and saying hi on their way by and you see them in about a month.

So how, what is a modern, I’d love the way you you describe yourself modern day medicine woman. Tell me a little bit about how that came to be how you turn found that term for yourself.

That term came to me, or to be a little weird, it came in a vision. I’ve been trying to figure out, in a sense, who I am and what I do in terms of my business, what is it that I do, and how to explain that in a way that will draw people that I can help and it was the realization that several people had referred to me as a medicine woman and a medicine woman and I had always sort of rejected that and thought I am not this, you know, old vision of a medicine woman, you know, this gnarly old lady in a hut somewhere. skulls on sticks and that sort of thing. But in essence, I truly am a medicine woman, right? And medicine woman heals her community. And she helps people through their spiritual side to live their daily lives in a very practical way. And so I essentially I merge the two, I bring these ancient practices and these old ways or these old ways of approaching wellness. And I’ve brought them into sort of modern times and in a practical way, things that anybody could use and they’re not going to have to feel like it’s too weird or too out there too strange for them. And they don’t have to worry that you know, companies coming they got to hide everything in there.

I understand that. So what are some of the modalities that you that you merge the some of the old modalities, the ancient wisdom techniques that you talk about?

Definitely hands on healing or the laying on of hands. There’s also some shamanic work. Things like smudging and visioning and dreaming, as well as working with stones, and crystals, which is an ancient practice. I also do energy healing as a Reiki Master, and just the guidance that I pick up from, from my guides as well. So I bring all that into a package and put it all together.

I’d like to hear this is why I’m so like, not attracted to you, but drawn to your work, because it is very similar to what the world The world needs more of this, right? We have that concept of what it looks like, but there’s so much more to it. So it’s, it’s being able to break it, break it into bring it into a way that people will be like, Hey, I think that’s something that’s really cool. That would really support me and help me. So I want to get into a little bit of your crystal healing work. I know that you I’ve experienced your crystal healing personally. And I think it’s very, very powerful. So if for those who are listening, and may not be familiar with what crystal therapy looks like, can you explain to them a little bit about what that looks like and how it works?

Sure. Crystals are rocks and stones, and some of them are very beautiful. And some of them are, you know, in your driveway, and you wouldn’t take a second look at them. But they all have an energy to them. In the same way that we have an energy to ourselves and science can see this energy and measure it and photograph it, it’s pretty fantastic. The difference between the stones and ourselves is that the stones maintain their frequency, their energy holds a steady frequency. Because of their structure, they have this perfect geometric structure in the way that they grow. So they maintain that we tend to you know, go out of tune very easily. That’s where we pull in physics and the process of entrainment. So when you bring a higher frequency, two frequencies together the stable higher frequency, put it the right way, the lesser frequency will tune to the higher more stable frequency. So when we bring crystals around us and near us and into our energy field, we tune to them they give us something to tune ourselves to like, like using a tuner for an instrument they give us something to start with. So we know what we should sound like.

Oh, that’s so cool. I’ve never heard of it described that way before. So I’m not sure what just broke. But

it wasn’t me. So it’s all good.

Some bucks just fell off. So but that’s like the tuning right? So people say hold on to the to this crystal and it’ll bring you back to your center. So is that what you’re Is that what that does, it brings that focusing?

Well, you’re, let’s put it this way your energy is wise, so to speak without us our energy knows what it needs. So you’ll be drawn to crystals and stones that you need. And that’s what happens often is someone I know when people walk into my shop, I tell them, take a look around, pick things up, feel things out, see what catches your eye, and nine times out of 10 They’ll pick up something and they’ll be like, I can’t put it down. This is the one I need. And that’s their energy telling them this is what I need to heal myself.

So it’s that’s very intuitive then. So people who are attracted to something like to a crystal, that is their intuitive energy speaking to them. Yes. How does that like that sounds? You know, kind of weird to something.

I know, right?

So it’s so the fact that it’s like so how do we pick it? Like how does that show up in our in our thoughts and our feelings? And they say that they just can’t put it down? How does that

because they’ll pick them up. And they’ll handle a few different stones Right? Like you walk through the shop and you’d be like, you pick one up and you’ll put it down, you pick one up and you put it down and then you’ll pick one up and it feels different. And it’s like all this ones. It just catches your attention. It will sometimes it’s warm. Sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes it’s really heavy. Sometimes it’ll be very electric, but you’ll have a very visceral physical response to the stone. And some people they’ll pick up a stone and they just feel it’s a much more emotional response and they feel lightness and happiness or like they can breather that kind of feeling and they’re like already beginning to respond to having that crystal within their energy. And it’s because of that reaction that they feel themselves that they are then able to take that step to, to be open to trying it and to say, Well, I’m not really sure what’s happening, but something’s happening. So I’m, I’m going to take this and I’m going to, you know, keep it in here and see what happens, right? Because if I say to you, oh, this will do this, and this will do that. And this will make you feel like this. You can be like, yeah, sure, whatever. You know, like, okay, sure, crazy lady kind of idea. Or you may be like, well, that’s interesting, but you have no experiential learning to or process to base that on, right or experience to base that on. So when I can give you a stone or I can guide you to picking something out for yourself, and you have that response, and you have that reaction, then then you know, for yourself that something is happening, and you’re not just taking it based on my word.

So what what are the what’s the properties of these crystals that make them so powerful? Like we’ve spoken about energy, but what is it? What makes these crystals so unique?

It is, to be honest, to boil it all down to its essence. It’s all energy. We’re energy, right? Everything around us is energy. And the crystals are also energy. But because they are a stable energy, and essentially, like a pristine energy, right? They’re able to help us.

Okay, so how did you get into this? Like, what? Everyone gets into something for a reason? So where did where did this all start for you? How did you find yourself as a certified crystal healer?

That’s yeah, I you know, what I’ve been interested in rock since I was a little kid. I had recently done some writing around that and just always very drawn to them. And then you know, life goes on, and you move on. And I’m like, yeah, those are pretty shiny things. And then I came to a point in my life, where I was really looking to reconnect with my spirit and find my spirituality again, and sort of just tune back in. And in that process, I discovered Reiki and energy healing. And from there if you’re, if you’re into Reiki and Oracle, and that sort of thing, you’re into those sorts of shops, metaphysical shops, you see crystals and stones. And those really caught my eyes like, these are beautiful, I want to learn more. Once I got online, I discovered my crystal mentor, hibiscus moon, and started following her some of her stuff. And she’s very science based. And very, this was someone who could explain to me in a very real scientific terms, how these work and why they work without all this sort of, like, you know, the woowoo stuff that we love, but we don’t necessarily always want to use. So you know, she gave me some practical real life basis to go with. And so it just came to be she has her certified crystal healer course. And I was able to join in and take that program, and I’m just then one of the best decisions and one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Wow. So if you’re okay, I’d like to get a little, a little personal because we’re, what if that’s okay with you soon, where you said that some you were seeking to reconnect with your, your spirituality and all of that. How did you get to that point? No. So let’s go back a little bit further. What brought you to that point where you started to seek it so much? What was going on?

Well, let’s where do we start? So yeah, I know. Right? I was very, I’ll give you the Coles Notes version. We only have an hour, right? Yeah, exactly. I was I come from a very, for not a term unnecessarily like to use, but we’ll see a psychic family, a family that definitely you know, knows things and has awareness. But I also come from a rather dysfunctional family. I was very spiritual as a child. But through family dynamics and such I closed everything off and sort of shut down and went into my shell. And then as I came out through my, you know, early 20s, I kind of started coming back a little bit and wondering about some of the experiences of my childhood, you know, where I would just know things before they had happened and all that fun stuff. And then I had children, and it was certainly once I had my children were I was really, I would say, looking for guidance and understanding and wanting to be the best version of myself that I could be, and knowing that everything needed to come from a place of love. And so I began seeking, again, to really deepen my connection and my understanding of myself. And that led me into this journey of spirituality and healing and, and sharing that wisdom with the world because as a mother, I wanted to share that with my children. And as a natural healer, I want to share that with, you know, the people around me.

It’s great that that’s totally amazing. Because like, you talked about being a gifted in your bio talks about being a gifted, intuitive, so when did you make the connection, that you are empathic, and you have this intuitive psychic ability? And how did that morph with the crystals and your guidance to the spiritual journey that you’re on?

I would say I knew as a child without knowing I knew in the sense that I knew that. I experienced spirits, and I saw things and I knew things I had knowledge that wasn’t possible for me to have. But I didn’t understand what that was. You know, where you don’t have the words, right? You don’t have the language, you don’t know what’s happening. It wasn’t until a guy did really in my 20s begin seeking that I connected those dots. And I put those things together. And I really understood like, so many of the things that I had experienced and understanding why I had experienced those things, because I was very empathic. And not knowing I was empathic was also not properly protected, I guess you could say, right, because as an empath, you can be very open, and you experience everyone’s emotions, and you understand these things that are going on around you, even though no one’s speaking about them. Right? Right. So when if you have that, and so many people do suffer from that they’re empathic, and they don’t understand that they are. And so they’re feeling all these emotions and all this emotions or tension or confusion, that’s not really their own, and they’re not understanding that it’s not their own.

So they, so you were able to with your work, you’re able to break through that and understand that what you were experiencing that office, or that discontent that you were experiencing wasn’t really yours. So for people that are listening, who are like, you know, that’s kind of sounds like me, what would be some of the keys that they could be looking forward to, to, to maybe become aware that they have this ability.

Empathic people are very generally rather emotional, right? We feel our emotions, I would say the biggest. What’s the best way to explain it? As because some people are sympathetic, right? You know, we can all sympathize with someone someone’s been hurt and we feel bad for them, we feel sad for them. They have an experience and we’re like, well, that’s that’s sad, or that’s happy. The difference with an empath is an empath can understand and actually feel the emotions for an experience that they’ve never had. Right? So you maybe have a friend who is grieving the loss of a parent, and you’ve never lost someone in your life. But you will actually feel that grief. Even though that’s an experience that you don’t have anything. You don’t have that experience, you will actually feel those emotions as opposed to being I can understand what that would feel like. It’s like you feel it as if it’s your own.

So I’m just sort of relating that to my own experiences, because sometimes I’ll be watching TV and someone will be getting teased. Don’t be like, Oh, I can feel their pain. Would it be something like that? Where you can you’re not just you can physically, like, physically feel the sadness or the guilt or the hurt that they’re experiencing? Yeah. You

I would say yes, in the sense that you actually physically experience it. If you’re just going, Oh, that sucks. I’ve been teased. I know what that feels like. Right? That’s different from actually feeling inside and in your heart and having that response within yourself as if that’s happening to you.

Right? So it’d be like the tears welling up okay. So there is there is a difference between empathy and sympathy. It’s like yeah, I can relate to but it’s like, I see what you’re experiencing and the tears are rolling into my eyes. So when someone so how, how does that play into how you help people How can you help people move through that?

I, well, I teach. I teach them I coach and I mentor, I give them the tools, right, like, helping them to understand and have an awareness so they can begin to separate What’s everyone else and what’s actually their own. Because often, many of us are in this one big model. And we don’t even know what’s ours, and what’s anyone else’s anymore. So that beginning process of separating that and understanding what’s different, learning how to release and let go of emotions, learning how to sort of filter and protect your energy, and not in a way where there’s like the solid wall, and you keep everybody out, but more in the way that there’s like a filter that functions so that information that you need comes through, and information that you don’t need gets filtered out. So that you can separate between what’s yours, what’s theirs, and what you need to do about it. And I do that work with with the hands on healing with both the Reiki and the crystals where I clear and balance people’s energy, and help bring it back into harmony. Because when your energy is clear and balanced, and everything is functioning, the way it’s supposed to be, it allows you to, it allows your body your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and aspects of your well being to function at their fullest.

So what would because we haven’t really talked about your Reiki experience and the holy, you’ve mentioned the healing hands. So does that. Is it separate? Or does it meld all together? Like so when someone comes into your shop? And they’re like, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me? What would they typically experience? Or how is the IRS or something typical? Or is it unique to each individual?

I love that you put it that way. It is unique to everybody. But that’s exactly what happens to you. I’ve have so many people that wander into my shop, or they come to me and they’re like, I’m not really sure why I’m here. But I need to be here and I say I know.

So, so where do you start with that? How do you? What do you do?

Well, usually we sit down and we I begin we begin with a conversation. And in that conversation, we’re obviously chatting, we’re having a connection, but I’m also I’m feeling them out already intuitively and energetically, I’m already feeling what’s in their energy and and seeing what’s coming coming through for them. And I’m channeling in essence, I’m pulling through information that’s guiding my words and my actions in order to help them in the best way that I can. So generally we start with a conversation, I will say I have this thing for myself, I find that my energy like as far as my Reiki or my healing, it generally just radiates from me. It’s not always I mean, I do have sessions where I sit down and consciously, you know, I do Reiki but it’s also something that flows for me all the time. So people even just coming into my shop and sitting with me they experience a healing just by being here and in this space with my energy. And then with some clients, we do healing sessions and my Reiki and my crystal healing generally is one, some sessions I just basically book a healing session. Let’s put it that way. And it’s open that way because some clients will come in and we just need Reiki. And so I just work in their energy and just Reiki it is strictly you know, like one on one and hands on. And some people they need some crystals. And they need some Reiki. And then for other clients, I’ll lay them all out in a big, you know, Crystal crystals on them and around them. And then I’ll leave them to perk and let the crystals do the work.

That’s pretty cool. By the way, that’s what she did with me people. Like, okay, not sure what’s going on here. But it was very powerful. And it’s it’s interesting when you have that experience. So I’m curious to know a little bit more. While I’m a lot more about everything that you do. But when when you’re working with these people like you talked about providing them practical tools for their daily life. What if without giving away all your secrets, what what would be some of those practical tools that you would give these individuals to help them move through their daily life so that they can start to get that balance? Or is it balance? What are they what are they when they walk out? What are they looking for?

When they walk out? They now that’s a conflict that like you said, I want to know a little bit ore I know that’s faster. I find that In the way that I work when people leave here, they leave here. More a feeling better and refreshed, right on one level. But on the other level, they they leave here knowing. They leave here empowered. They leave here knowing that they now have tools in their hands that they can use things that they can do to help continue this feeling right to help to help continue that healing and they have a place to start. Does that make sense?

It does. So I’m just thinking like the town hometown Carberry. There’s a lot of farmers for toolkits. Right? So when you’re talking about giving them practical tools, do they expect you to give them physically give them a tool? Or is it more an emotional tool that you’re providing? I’m just because No, that’s not Yeah, no, that’s a good question. Some leave with I have a mix here, right? Like I have crystals and stones. So for some people, that’s what they needed. So crystals for their space, or for their pockets or to take with them. I also make meditation beads, which are a great tool, I think everyone in any one should have those for so many reasons. So they leave with things like that, they and they also do leave with those spiritual and emotional tools, right, knowing how to begin to reconnect with spirit so they can find their center and know what their center feels like, the emotional tools to be able to understand what they’re feeling, where those feelings are coming from, and how they can work with those feelings without being overwhelmed.

What would that look like for them?

Not being overwhelmed.

That’s a good answer. Okay, so I think, what would be some of the things that they would experience? What would be some of the changes the positive changes in their life, that once they start to apply these practical tools and start to move through the healing? What kind of changes? Can they experience? What, what, you know what I’m trying to say? Yeah, they people just, they feel more confident for one thing, right? They like they’re, they’ve, it’s like coming home, it’s like I’ve found myself. And now I can breathe. Like I have a lot of people who suffer from anxiety and stress and panic attacks. And so being able to understand where that where that tension is coming from, and how to breathe yourself through it, how to release it a in the moment, right, those tools for that full on panic attack. So here’s a practical tool that will get you out of that, right in that moment where you’re going, I can’t breathe, right. But then also the tools to follow up with that to help prevent, and to help lessen the frequency of that level of anxiety and stress. So that you can create changes in your daily life through simple practices, small rituals. And it might be something as simple as waking up in the morning and taking a moment to just feel into your body and take three really deep conscious breaths, and letting go. And then you might not do anything else for the rest of your day necessarily sort of, you know, spiritually connected. But those few moments of time in the morning, begin to create this ripple of ease that flows throughout your entire day. And then it begins to create change. And the beautiful thing is that when you start with something very small, that’s very easy to fit into your day, along with something very practical that helps you in those high tension moments. You begin to see that it creates a benefit for you, you begin to see the shifts and then you very naturally begin to do more of those things that create more ease and then create more shift and it just sort of snowballs. I’ve got clients who are struggling with long term chronic illness that have noticed, that are feeling very improved, right. They have hope now they’re they’re seeing, you know, the positives instead of being stuck in the negatives. I had a client recently where we did a one on one meditation session. And she has messaged me, just commenting that she’s been able to scale back on her medicine to help her condition because she’s been able to manage and to write she’s lowered her stress and she’s able to deal with her life better. And so she’s actually been able to decrease her. Her medicine and her condition is improving. Nice, it’s wild.

How does it make you feel knowing that you To have that impact. Humble. Very nice, right? Well, it is, it’s, it’s, um, I don’t know, for I can’t speak for anyone else really for myself. It’s, it’s a responsibility to be to be accountable, right. And to, to know that I can help people. And that I have helped people, but also to not get drawn into, you know, promising people the world, you know, I’m not gonna say to you, I’m gonna cure you of your, you know, your disease or your illness. But what I will say to you is, here’s some tools, let’s start at the beginning and see what how we can help.

So they, you provide the tools, but they have to do the work, they have to work 100% Yeah, I can do think of it this way, when you take your vehicle in. You could do right, regular oil changes and that sort of stuff. And it helps maintain your vehicle and you have fewer breakdowns and things run, everything runs better. If you don’t provide if you don’t do the maintenance on your vehicle. Let’s say you don’t change your oil thing, your engine is going to cease up, right? It’s not going to run anymore. And often that’s when people will find me. They’re broken right. Now, things are seized. It’s not work. Yeah. So that’s the service I provide. Right? So I do the like the major overhaul and the big fix. Here you go. Let’s get your engine running again. Right. And then in that session, I also give you the knowledge and the tools and the ability to go forward and do your regular oil changes. So that you don’t have to see, you know, so that in six months, your engine doesn’t seize up again.

Yes, we’re I can relate to that. And in my earlier years, I think that okay, this is a trick, I’m going to do it and yeah, and they don’t practice, they and that’s what I like about what you said, they’re powerful, yet practical tools for your daily life. This isn’t a one time fix. It’s you come you come in you you get figured, like sort of figuring things out, but then you’re given an act, would you? Would it be fair to say you’re almost giving them an action plan? Or you’re giving them the tools to create an action plan?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I definitely. It’s like, here’s, here’s what I found. Here’s why, you know, here’s what you can do moving forward. Here’s how you can help yourself. Here’s the steps that I would recommend. You know, and I always tell people, you do what you like, do what’s comfortable for you do what works for you. And anything that I’m saying is a little too out there for you say so like, just leave it behind. It’s not going to hurt my feelings. We all have different preferences, you know, but yeah, definitely everyone leaves with a path to go forward.

So you’re to speak to the modern day medicine woman, then you’re providing them the medicine, but they have to be responsible enough to take that medicine to make themselves heal.

Yeah, I can’t, I can’t help you. If you can’t help yourself, right? Exactly. I can pick you up and you know, it’s like with your kids, you can pick them up and dust them off and put the bandaid on and that but if they’re gonna keep going out and doing it, I can’t help that.

So that kind of makes me ask, you say you’re we talked about being an intuitive and empathic psychic? Does that mean you can actually see what people are going to experience in the future? Can you predict the future as a psychic?

That’s a great topic. I know. I don’t I don’t predict the future. I, I that’s a big responsibility. Let’s put it that way. So I can tell you what sort of energies around or what sort of experiences may be happening. But everything’s really focused on where you are right now. And then how you can take that forward. Because for me, in this moment, the future is any of a million possibilities. And sure, I can look forward and see okay, at this moment in time, this is the most likely possibility that’s going to happen. However, you may make a choice or decision moments from now weeks from now months from now that will change that. But if I’ve said something to you, that may or may not, you know, create a change or an effect that I don’t want to be responsible for, quite frankly I know there are a lot of there are a lot of people that, you know, can be very irresponsible with that sort of realm of future predictions. And I always say that spirit isn’t really worried about the future spirit. With Spirit everything is now there’s no sense of time, right time isn’t this linear? You know, past present future in essence all time is right now. So if you look after right now, and you look after this moment, as tuned in as you can be into the best of your abilities, and then you look out to the next moment, to the best of your abilities, and the next and the next the future takes care of itself.

I really like that because it does right you know, focus on what’s what what’s the right next step for you right now? What it what, what can I do right now that’ll support me and healing and getting better. So that’s beautiful Ruby. totally beautiful. Is that where you’re the name of your business comes from soulful energies? How did that come to be? I’m excited to hear about this.

That that was a long time, few pages of doodles. doodles in names and words and some time in meditation and just sitting down for myself. I literally sat down. I did some meditation, I lit some candles and I said, Okay, help the words come. What is what is this to be you? What is the name this business that I’m creating? And I just let myself doodle and write words until the right ones just came together? And I was like, oh, yeah, no, it’s cool. How long have you been doing this? Like officially, officially, when did I register my business? I registered I registered this business in 2000. I think early 2011. And I had been using Ruby toad. Previous to that for a couple of years. I think.

So just Ruby Toad isn’t your real name. No.

Yeah, Ruby Ruby is my Ruby Toad is my in essence is me right? And Ruby is my spiritual side and Ruby is my all of this my medicine woman that is Ruby.

Yeah. Love that. So we were talking about we’ve talked a little bit about your coaching but we also you also mentioned that you’re starting to run retreats and workshops and such what would what would want to Ruby told soulful energies retreats look like?

Maybe told soulful energies retreat might not be the name of it. But that’s what I’m known for my retreats are think of a weekend just completely devoted to yourself in terms of finding yourself finding your spirit, connecting with every, whatever that your sense of what the Divine is, right? Because we all have our own. So it’s about connecting with that and connecting with yourself. Things like meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, energy, healing, chakras, crystals, just learning those tools. You know, what can you do? What can you use in your life? What supports do you need, and it’s not about me telling you what supports you need. It’s about us together for a weekend exploring and discovering for each of for each of us what what it is that we need in our lives and then learning how to apply that and take it forward so that you can now go go into your life with this support system around you this bag of of medicine and tools that you now understand have connected with and know and know when you need to use them.

When do you plan on starting to hold them?

I’ve booked a space. I have booked a private cabin actually for December 5 sixth and seventh.

Oh my gosh, it’s so exciting.

I know. I’m very excited. It’s the inaugural you know, retreat. I’ve had some unofficial sort of in shop work, but this is my first official, you know, booking a private space out there retreat. So I’m very, very excited for it.

So is it gonna be located in Manitoba?

Yes, it’s actually in here in Manitoba. It’s close to carbury Oh, nice. Yes, we have a private cabin in a treed setting. Some pads it’ll be beautiful.

Wonderful. So how would someone find out more about about this retreat? So I’m I’m fairly certain one or two of our listeners, just like I think I want to know a little bit more about what makes me tick on a spiritual side. And I want to get to know this medicine woman just a little bit more. Where would they where can they find you and learn more about you?

People can connect with me online through my website. And it’s a long one, but it is Ruby Toad soulful And if you’re a social media buff, you can find me online. I’ve Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as Ruby toad.

Cool thing? I had to get it out, I just wanted to share that. We’re not done yet. We’re not done yet. I wanted to get that out there. So that so when you’re in the retreat, you’ll be will you be doing Reiki sessions on them? Or will it be more of a Reiki training to teach them? And then with the crystals? Just I want to know a little bit more about how it’s good. I know, it’s still probably in the working stages. But what what do you do you plan on bringing all the different modalities in there with me, right? Like, that’s the thing with for, for myself and my my medicine, they’re always with me. It’s nice. There’s no separation, you know, they’re all there. And then I always just draw from what what I’m called to use. And I guess that’s the point where I work very intuitively, I may have everything with me, but we may not use all of them. So it’s like booking a session. And I know I had that dilemma when I were first starting, you know, how do I differentiate between a Reiki session and a crystal healing and then I realized that it doesn’t matter, people come and I give them what they need. Said, right. I said, I don’t know how that sounds, but it’s true. You come in and give you what you need. You get what you want, but you’ll get what you need.

Well, and I think that’s where being a spiritual mentor really comes into play, you’re not being a teacher, you’re mentoring them and you’re using your own lived experience as a trust and guiding them through as a trusted adviser on what you feel truly feel would be best for them. So I think the fact that you’re calling yourself a spiritual mentor is so wonderful, because that’s what you’re doing. It’s like, Hey, here’s all the tools that I’ve used. And this is what supported me during this phase in my life and from my own knowledge, and from what I’m intuitively feeling this would support you very well right now.

Thank you, that is and that’s beautiful to hear that in words, thank you. Because that is what I I think it’s an important part to share is that everything that I that I use and that I bring to the table is something that I’ve used in my own experience that is you know, that is come with me through my own journey. I am not you know, just a fresh out of diapers so to speak, I’ve got this lifetime of experience behind me and these are the tools and the and the methods and the the knowledge that is allowed me to heal and grow and to move forward. So everything that I bring to the table is something that I’ve experienced and I have an understanding of how it works and pulling that together with my intuitive side and with the information that I just sort of channel and know I’m able to say you know these are what I feel would be best for you this is what I feel would really work for you but you you know feel it for yourself see if you think this is drawn draws you and go forward.

And you know I it’s up kind of I’m kind of at a loss for words because really there’s not much else to say in that sense it is there’s no one of my one of my mentors always says there’s no content and content where it’s like there’s no Do you know what I mean? Like once you know once you’ve said it but there’s so much more so tell me a little bit about and I don’t mean that you know what exactly what I mean? Yeah, I’m going there so so what how did you like your energy healer, spiritual mentor, you’ve become a Reiki master certified crystal healer you’ve really owned you’ve you’ve embraced your gifted intuitive ability for people that need more of a linear viewpoint of this because you know, there’s that woowoo talk but for people that need to be a little more that are still linear in thinking and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What how did that look for you? How’d that progression take place for you?

From from him now, it’s where you are. So if you looked at where you are now and where you were 15 years ago, what would that path look like for you? Oh, wow.

It was just a path of knowing I had to make, had to or wanted to make changes, life changes, right? Understanding that I wasn’t happy. And I wasn’t healthy and things needed to change. And so taking a really honest look at my life, and I really honest look at my soul and my spirit and saying, you know, and for some people that aren’t, you know, will say, woohoo, or woowoo, right? Just knowing within themselves, like, I’m discontent, I’m not happy. Right? So it’s and knowing that you want to change that. That’s, that’s where I started. And then just going forth and saying, you know, okay, what’s going to help with this, and what’s going to help with this, and what’s going to help with this, I used to suffer really debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, to the point where I didn’t actually complete my college degree, because in the last term, my panic attacks were so bad that I couldn’t actually attend school. I couldn’t leave my apartment. So the understanding that I wanted to make myself better, but I also want needed to be in control, so to speak, so I wasn’t content with taking medication. With being told, Well, this is how it’s going to be I’m a little bit of a stubborn chick. And so I’m like, maybe I don’t think so.

During say, a little tenacity, a little bit of self determination happening?

Yeah, definitely a common theme through my entire life has been those those moments where I’ve had the opportunity to make a choice, and it’s always been alright, like, full on or nothing. And those choices have always been okay. Everyone else is telling me no, but I know I need to do this and jumping anyway. And I’d like to say, you know, saying, yeah, I’ll see you later. But it was more really a kind of a, usually a very rude and cold cut.

Well, I saw something on your site that said, you’re straight talker, sharpshooters, something like that. Fun, straight talk and roll blending. Living your own way spiritually empowered. That’s pretty odd. But you say it like it is and you’re okay with bending the rules, a little bit of its support to you? Yeah, I think that’s it.

Thank you. Yeah, it’s about doing what you need for yourself. I, you know, when I say that’s one of the most important things I hope people can take away as the, the understanding that it’s okay to do that, that it’s okay in your life to say, this is what I need to do for me and for myself. And I know in myself that this is right, and this is what I’m you know, and go do it. You know, you feel how you feel, go do it.

That I often refer that to with my clients as as an investment in their self. So often we’re willing to invest time and energy to support others and help others. But so often we forget about ourselves. So what you’re doing is teaching them the tools that they can practically apply to invest in their own in their own self care and in their own self worth.

Yeah. Because it’s understanding that once you take care of yourself, you have so much more to give to the people around you. You know, but you have to start with you.

So Oh, some whenever our listeners are obviously listening right now, what would be some of the key things like if they were waking up in the middle of the night, and they’re, they’re not sure what what would be some of the things that would be going through their minds right now. To when they’re ready to work with you? How will how would they know what would they be saying to themselves? Like, I need to work with Ruby to know, I recognize that now.

Things like, I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong. What happened? Who am I? It can’t be like this. People, I find a lot of clients, they come in and they’re like, I’m just so tired. I don’t know what to do. Right? Yeah. Yeah. If you’re at that point, it’s like I, you know, you know, you know, there’s something just something and you know, that’s, that’s the time. That’s when nudge Yeah, that’s the nudge to seek out have someone who can, can guide you, right? Someone that can give you the information so that you can begin to take back sort of that control and that understanding, so you can reconnect.

That’s cool. So working with you, um, let’s just summarize. Where can they find out more about you again? What’s your website?

My website is

Okay, and to work with you what what type of things can they anticipate or could possibly be guided to to do?

Well, I offer well retreats, I offer one on one coaching. I also do intuitive readings and healing sessions and healing sessions will involve any combination of hands on healing crystals, and generally coaching at the same time, there’s always a conversation that goes along with any healing session and nine times out of 10, what you need comes out of the conversation. As much as anything, you know what I mean? Like, it’s, it’s in the words it’s in, this is what you need to hear. And this is what you need to do to go forward. And the healing is important and gets them going. But it’s often it’s the knowledge they leave with that was the true healing. Right.

So speaking of speaking of words, length, I meant to ask you this a little bit earlier, is there a language that you hear people using that there’s like that commonality and recognizing that they’re, they’re not happy? With? What, what they’re saying? Or what they’re doing? Or? Is it more? Just? Is it the language they use? Or the body language? Is it the words or the length, body language that kind of guide you more?

i It’s the whole package, it’s the whole package. To be completely fair, often it’s their energy, their body language, in their words, guides, what comes through me? If that makes sense, it does. Right. I, I often refer to myself as simply the channel, right? It just flows through me. So I allow myself to be open and you’ll find that I’ll use you know, the right words will flow from me, I will say the right thing I will, you know, say something that twigs the memory, or that reminds them of someone or right like, and that’s all not me consciously. Trying to do that, that’s simply me getting out of the way and allowing that, you know, intuitive spirit to flow through, so that what each person needs can, for their healing and for their journey forward can come through to help them.

I’m just in awe, like, it’s, it’s, it’s just cool. Because like, you really do empower individuals to start living their life again and truly from from that, cuz spiritual is not religious. Right? Yeah. What would you say? Okay, so, I have a couple more questions, but we’re getting into the last five minutes of the show. Um, okay, so, the asked me, Is there anything that you would like to offer to our listeners right now that can support them in making these decisions on whether to move forward or to really, you know, accept that, where they are in their life now and be willing to ask for support? What can you offer those individuals who are on the fence right now?

I will tell them to just take a moment and breathe and feel for yourself, you know? Do I need to you know, is this something that I need? Is this right for me and take a breath and feel in your body and your body will have one of two responses. One response will be like heavy or air, or uncomfortable, and that’s usually what I call a no. And then your other response is like, a sense of feeling of lightness of sometimes happiness, sometimes bubbly and sometimes it’s just simply like, yeah, okay, I know this is good, you know, that’s your yes, that warm fuzzy and, and just ask yourself and then feel your body your body will know and your body will tell you, even when your head is all jumbled up. And you know, and you can’t think clearly. Then then sidestep the head. Go around to make a circuit you know, and come around and bypass it and feel in your body because your body responds to your energy and your energy as your spirit it and your spirit knows what you need. And I guess in essence, that’s what I do. I help my clients find their spirit so that they can know their path forward. Because I can tell you everything till the cows come home but I’m human. I could be wrong. But if I help you tune into your spirit, you can know for yourself.

Oh, that’s wonderful.

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