Hello, everyone. How are you today? Welcome to the Tenacious Living Radio Show. I am absolutely thrilled to be here with you today for one very important well, two very important reasons. This is our first show that’s airing on tenacious Tuesday. We’ve been airing on Mondays for the last six months. And we switched up the scheduling. So we now come to you live on tenacious Tuesdays. And it’s just so exciting. So for those of you who are listening for the first time, thank you for joining us. And for those of you who have followed us from Monday to Tuesday, thank you so much. I appreciate it very, very much. Now I have an amazing guest sitting in the virtual green room and she is actually coming to us live from Switzerland. So I am so excited to get started. But first before I do that, I want to ask you Did you know the divorce industry is now at $30 billion industry. In one year in the US alone. I want to welcome you to the three massive mistakes successful professional women and female entrepreneurs make that destroy their romantic relationships and how to avoid these mistakes once and for all. We have sitting in the virtual Green Room make your honeymoon lasts forever expert Sandy Ritter Mills, she works with high achieving professional women whose careers are on fire while their love life love relationships are on ice. She shows them how to reignite that spark to enjoy success in the bedroom and the boardroom with equal grace and ease that he wrote the book butterfly habits how to make your honeymoon last forever met by acclamation of well-known names like Ariana Countess of Plettenberg lesson Hans and son, sorry. And Dr. Lois Frankel New York Times bestselling author. Fanny is on a mission to guide 1000s of professional women and English-speaking nations around the world to blissful romantic relationships that lasts beyond the horizon. She is known as a love wizard who lifts the veil about motivation buttons and access to the codes of men. Fanny describes her clients as all of as all of health and missing relationship skills. I think I may have messed that up family. Fanny describes her clients as all of health and missing relationship skills. She shows them how to ignite their love relationships with divine and breathtaking romance. So that one the home fires burn as brightly as their careers. Join me getting Sandy Ritter emits a warm welcome Fetty thank you for joining me, how are you?

Thank you very much for having me, Carrie, and I feel so honored that you trust me with your radio audience. And I promise to take great care of them and to do my absolute best to give you as much value as I can. And thank you to all of you who are listening to us for investing your precious time to be here and listening to us you have made a very wise decision. So you might ask now what informed me well, by the end of our time together, you will discover the secret yet powerful habit that all successful in my professional women practice and why an ostrich will get you nowhere with your relationship and an eagle will get you everywhere. Yeah, it says the word that is killing your relationship and how to remedy this immediately.

That is so for many rears for many years, you enjoyed a fulfilling relationship with your late husband. And now your second marriage is very happy. So you seem to have the secret on hand for love that lasts.

Well. I’m labeled being lucky with men. Yes. I’m also having an innate genius to understand the other genders genes This label actually seeded my decision to take to the roots of successful love relationships. The divorce rates prove that there is a worldwide dilemma of women to weave their professional brilliance into their personal love life. And that’s how am I path took root to grow and inspired me to write the book butterfly habits how to make your honeymoon last forever.

So, according to the book’s title, the secret for love that lasts are habits.

Yes, I think that’s a big part of it. And here’s the thing. Aristotle said, we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit. And did you know that the average divorced race for a divorce rate for a first marriage is about 41 percentage. And the average of a second marriage is about 63%. And for a third marriage at 73%. So Wow, that’s quite shocking when I when my research revealed that and so old habits have more traction, and we take them from one love relationship to the other with the same poor and sad we solve. As a fact, scientific studies proved that small behavior determines if a law of relationship is doomed to be a success or a failure. And that’s why my book offers about 70 small butterfly habits. As an example, women can select one specific habit and start leveraging personal core competence.

So I’m wondering, isn’t it difficult to change habits, and those who have been practice, especially those that have been practiced for many years?

Well, I agree, Ariane. In fact, this is a challenge. This question was a companion. While I wrote my book, I wanted to offer a process that assures positive change. So women are fortunate actually to take advantage of a physical law. And that is called Butterfly Effect. Perhaps you have already heard of that. According to this butterfly effect, women can create significant shifts in their relationships, happiness, just by making small, subtle changes. When working with my clients, I make sure that those shifts really transform into happy. This strategy of small steps makes sure that my clients experience success while improving their relationship skills. And I think regarding behavior shifts, we need to be very careful. I like to compare our love relationship with a glass slipper. I guess, trying to put too much drastic change into it would cause a crash to show a crashed shoe. So what does that look like? What are the three biggest mistakes women make that drive their love relationships into danger?

Okay, so let’s start I would say mistake number three is what I call stuck in a rut. By definition, this means being permanently involved in an established mode of practice or procedure. I repeat that being permanently involved in an established mode of practice, practice or procedure. So just imagine the car stuck in a rock. What happens to the car when you pump the gas pedal? Okay, correct, the wheels rotate like crazy. While the car doesn’t move in, in this metaphor stands for the overwhelming tasks and duties that can diminish love in a woman’s intimate relationship with the very best intention, she might speed up in her efforts in order to handle the daily routine. But this behavior drives her love relationship even deeper into the rock. And the counter example is a daily practice that flows in harmony with the needs of a romantic relationship. And that is aligned in a way that supports a loving interaction.

So can you explain that a little bit more? Why do you think this is? Why do you think this affects the happiness of women’s love relationships?

I think being unaware of that fact, a woman runs danger to waste capricious energy in a counterproductive way for her romantic relationship. For example, with a long never end, ending to do list, a woman may tend to set priorities the wrong way. There was this survey with more than 5000 people in wolf in England and the US that found when couples have kids, they begin to D prioritize one another. When asked what’s the most important person in their lives, the mother said their children, and the fathers said their partners. Wow. That’s the problem. And yes, regardless, the fact that the woman is a mother or not, she should perceive love, like a living being that has to be nourished, and one needs to take care of it. In order to keep it healthy and alive.

Absolutely amazing. Yeah.

And there’s the saying, what’s not scheduled? doesn’t get done? Do you know that? Ya knows, that’s why even women’s laundry get to plan, their romantic relationships mostly eke out an existence in another dimension. So true. Yeah. And having said that, the risks growth, that coupled disconnect from each other, that they live side by side, but don’t share life in all aspects, that they lose common goals and visions end up without any orientation in life that supports their loss. And, or there’s another proverb, you surely know that also, who fails to plan plans to fail. And I think that indicates the source of today’s high divorce tragedy. By ignoring to schedule time for her love relationship, a woman also misses the opportunity to enter to identify her man’s motivation buttons, which I also call access codes, believe me by knowing those a woman’s life would be a lot easier and fun.

I kind of like the idea of knowing my man’s access. Yeah. So how can a professional woman or female entrepreneur face how can they face this challenge of balancing the daily duties and romance and accessing those codes? Do that?

Yeah. Okay, we cannot go now to the access code in depth because there’s a longer a longer first issue to talk about. Planning start to planning to protect and nourish laugh in a relationship is interactive, and the creative process, it takes some time to convert it into a habit. But it will take every woman a quantum leap forward. A plan constantly encourages to think about relationships, fruits, one wants to harvest. And to see those require. First of all, I encouraged my clients to Gain an overview about the big picture of their daily routine, to list all duties, look for other options and systems to get them done. Then again, or even eliminate obligations, make a critical cleanup of daily tasks and duties. What I want the woman to think about is quality time to block in her daily planner time for intimacy that allows her to connect with her partner in body, mind and soul, sharing the challenges and dreams with each other. And, you know, Mae West said you only live once but if you do it right, once is enough.

So I get all of that. So let’s move ahead. Let’s go ahead and what I’m curious about what is the second mistake women make that drive their love relationships into danger?

So mistake number two is what I call backseat driving. My definition of that term is a follows a person who criticizes or attempts to control without responsibility. So backseat driving doesn’t mean that a woman is sitting in the backseat having a wheeling around and directs the course of her romantic relationship. Now, in fact, she lets her partner drives, while knocking about his driving style, complaining about the course of her romantic relationship. The opposite of that behavior pattern is taking the lead what means that a woman assumes responsibility for the destiny of her love relationships? Wow. For example, since my childhood boats were part of my life, I don’t know if you knew that. No, I didn’t do. I used to spend my summer holidays at the lake in Switzerland all the time and enjoying having a little sailing boat. And later as an adult, I made my license for the high seas. And on board, the captain holds the responsibility that the crew and the boat arrived safe and sound at the destination. When you’ve ever been on a boat, you might know that little Browns plate that usually hangs on the bunk wall of a boat, saying rule number one, the captain is always right. And rule number two, if the captain is wrong, see rule number one. Love that. That’s a joke, but also reality equally. So usually a captain in wolves, his crew and the decisions to be taken. Nevertheless, in a case of an emergency, there is no time for discussion. Instead, fast action is requested to avoid the worst-case scenario. And that’s the moment when the captain takes responsibility for the good of all. And also a romantic relationship needs a cat. I think a woman should take the router in her hands to get her relationship on the right course. Instead of waiting until her relationship both runs aground and thinks. What, what I don’t want, I don’t want that women have power over men, but over themselves, that’s my aim.

So as a woman, one may say why me not him.

I think taking the lead connects a woman with her inner power.

Like I like that are really, I absolutely convinced about that. And she steps out of the victim’s role to learn and to grow. And she stops blaming her partner looking for a patsy. On the contrary, as she progresses in her relationship skills, she will inspire her partner. If a woman puts herself in the driver’s seat, she built become creative, start looking for better options for a more appealing direction of her romantic relationship course. When she asked her, we love her love relationships in her hands. Although she feels growing her confidence, her reactions are faster. And she’s aware of the traffic signs in her partnership that indicate critical situations where utmost attention is required. In general, her conscious behavior grows. A woman who resists stepping out of the taxi back driver’s seat risks the broken relationship or will give away the most precious gift to build and create her future the way she wants. Or in other words, she behaves like an ostrich to say Australia instead of an interesting that’s the point and because mostly snit only behave that way in her romantic relationship. Often this is a habit an automatic Behavior applied to her entire life. A woman who doesn’t assume the skills to take the lead and overcome relationship challenges, risks to fail over and over again. And while insulting others she ignores her power. And fourth or later this pattern of backseat drive it can destroy self-esteem and guide a woman’s life to frustration and loneliness.

So that he I have this question for you then how can a woman start? How can a woman start integrating that relationship skill right away?

I think first time Mind is the secret of effective leadership in love is simple to describe. Let leadership stay and mystery untouchable for your partner. Leadership in romantic relationships is like a mist. The partner suspects that there is something that can’t catch it or touch it. In other words, the art of great leadership resist in the power of in which we are the invisibility. The less a woman’s partner notes what’s going on, the more she’s able to train her leadership skills and test out reactions. And it’s important to focus one’s efforts on one little tiny change. For example, I such as to make a little stop step. Each single day that the woman chooses one specific moment, she tends to addict to the damaging habit of backseat driving, and makes a plan how she could react instead. Wow. During this process of learning and growth, she’s challenged to be creative, play with her ideas, bring some humor into her concepts and add lightness to that specific challenge. Then she makes her ideas reality by a slight smile on her lips, serves observing the reaction observing her body language, voice and the feelings and best practice is to stay with this specific challenge by modifying each one of the small modalities. On this she’s satisfied with the result. Only then she should take another specific backseat driving situation and start working on that. For a woman, it’s important to say to herself that failure doesn’t exist just results, learning and growing. Leaders are not born leaders are made by their experiences. Every challenge embraces a countless amount of potential to become better. her partner’s reaction is to feedback on her behavior as a leader. In fact, I encourage a woman to approach this role like a game to be humble with her cells to honor each of her little steps, even each of her efforts regardless of the results. But through doing, doing and trying is the golden way to great leadership for ensuring her omens harmony and last at last. The other 13 A woman should also have in mind the important difference between leadership style and leadership tactics. This difference between leadership style and leadership tactics is a crucial one. A leadership style reflects a consistent behavior pattern of leader, one that became a habit. And as a survey demonstrated leadership styles are inefficient regarding the effect of ever changing situations. Also, the study reveals that different leadership tactics enhance the outcome. As women, we might have experienced the same in our partnerships. In some relationship challenges. A lead style may work but in others. When a woman adopts one lead habit or style, her partner gets used to it already anticipating what’s going to happen. In contrast, lead tactics are flexible, they differ from situation to another, they are not emotionally driven. Instead, they are carefully evaluated according to the actual challenge and the partner’s emotional state. Therefore, a neat tactics are more powerful and create better results. Taking the lead in life relationship efficiently. A woman is asked to stay flexible and as one knows Marianne dinosaurs aside from a lack of adaptability, so they did.

So just too short to summarize As the woman who wants to get rid of the habit of backseat driving and wants to start growing her leadership should remember first, the power of simple steps. And the power of flexibility, which refers to the leadership tactics instead of styles. And there’s another cornerstone a woman could keep in mind in order to become a great leader in her life relationship. I call it the power of motivation. You know, studies indicate that people are more animated to take action by fear rather than motivation. Nevertheless, the most important factor is invisible, and everybody feels it. It’s the energy. Fear is never, never the right motivation to act on. Long term HS damages the inter foundation of trust and confidence. And therefore I inspire women, instead, to take the lead in the name of love instead, in the name of fear and threat. And in my book, butterfly habits, how to make the honeymoon last forever, I offer more, which I call fresh eyelid tactics, which any woman can apply in her romantic relationship. But unfortunately, these details of each tactic to go beyond the scope of this interview, oh my goodness, absolutely. But they’re not complicated. It’s just to pick one to stick with it, and train it and then add another one and growing in a natural way.

I do have one question. Before we move on to the number one mistake. Can you give an example of when a woman may be taking the backseat? And how she can apply? Like what’s an example in a day in the life of what this would look like for our listeners?

You think about that? I think it is actually when you start complaining, I observed this in my environment when a woman starts complaining it’s that’s mostly a symptom that there could be a situation of taxi driving. So I don’t know about what could be the complaint now exactly. We can suggest you think about Yeah, about he’s not she has to do everything alone. The house, she has to care about the house about taking out the garbage about two to make the shopping for the food and, and all these things. And I think in this way, there is this dissuade that your complaints, instead of thinking about new options, how this could be handled and really deal make a deal with her partner and look for new, creative ways how this duties can be made and handled.

I love that. So I think a lot of listeners can probably complain can probably relate to complaining about I have to do everything by myself or I have to take the garbage out. So I think that really clarifies what, what backseat driving looks like. So thank you for that.

Yeah, you’re welcome. And okay, in the book, I go more deeply in this issue because Sure, there are then tactics of motivation, how you can make that that your man is motivated to help you to assist in your later ideas. And honestly, there are many ideas inside of the book from other women who inspired me who told me how they are dealing with these challenges. And I thought oh, wow, I have to include these examples because they are just inspiring and they motivate the reader to see a Wow, I’ve never been thinking about that way of solution.

I managed to get you to give me a little bit more Yes, but what case so that’s great because I’m I really believe in what you’re saying here. So what I’m curious about then what is the top number one mistake women make that drive their love relationships into danger?

So that’s not my idea. That’s really according studies and statistics that mistake number one, what I call is reactive versus proactive. This means that thoughts crossing your mind A woman’s mind are impulsively packed into words and shared with her romantic partner. And most professional women and female entrepreneurs lack knowledge or education of the psychological aspect of words, they are missing an understanding of systemized effective communication that respects the need of their romantic partner. Reactive versus proactive indicates that most women tend to be focused on their own person, their own inner processes and feelings. And they’re mostly doesn’t exist the crystal-clear choice of how to transmit an information to the partner in order to achieve a proper intention. When a professional woman or a female entrepreneur is behaving reactive, instead of proactive, she actually is playing roulette with her love relationship, she just speaks, plays her words, and hopes to hit the right tone. proactive communication instead of stepping out of your own moccasins, and stepping into the moccasins of her partner, she needs to see the world by his eyes to hear the words by his ears, and she perceives the effect of her words by his emotions. Communication is a deep understanding of romantic partners in a world of his unique experience library values needs that drive his reactions through communication is like learning to speak his language. Only then a woman stops playing roulette and knows exactly when, how and what to say, in order to transmit her information crystal clear and to achieve her intention. As you know, Korean I enjoyed a wonderful relationship with my latest and for many years. And honestly, when he died, I never expected to have a second marriage. But Cupid’s arrow hit me a second time. Yeah, it’s really, it’s really magic. And after ensuring the sevens have enough laugh during the first month, clouds started to cover my loss, blue sky, I realized I couldn’t handle disagreement anymore. I felt like I’ve lost my talent to create a harmonious loving relationship. It was so frustrating, and I felt a growing disconnection. I couldn’t understand why some of my words made him so upset and why I was unable to transmit my needs and wishes. And then one day after facing another overwhelming conflict with my partner, I called my girlfriend who attended a neuro linguistic preamp programming and coaching education at that moment, and I yelled into the phone. I don’t know what this neuro linguistic stuff is about. But it’s obvious to me that I need to change something with my communication. Oh, really? Well, this was the very special moment in my life. When I realized being in a reactive mode, I’m able to communicate and that I was missing an important relationship skill. So we tend to think that communication is a natural human case, that sending words and receiving verbal information means to communicate. But in fact, this is a grave error. Talking is not the same as communicating. Wow. Ignoring this C word, which means communication is a big risk for any love relationship.

I’m just taking in everything that you’re saying. And I want I want to ask you, Fanny, in your opinion. Why is it so important to understand this mistake? And what are the ramifications of not understanding it?

Can you can you imagine playing Dark with closed eyes? How big will be your success rate to hit the center target even to hit the tar disk with your arrow?

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty minimal.

Are you have tried already, I’m trained the 100 times, I don’t know. Correct when your partner is nodding to your comments, that doesn’t mean that you really understand what you want him to know, or metaphorically spoken, that your arrow hit his desk has to resist a flow of information which he translated and decoded according to his personal preferences. And this process can result in a completely different message. The critical point of communication is hidden in the unique decoding process of each person. This code is shaped by experiences, values and changes specific genes. And well, it’s quite unlikely to find a person that will have the identical decode code decoding patterns like you have. And without knowing that code, in communication, a woman keeps playing Dark with her eyes closed. As at the beginning, she might experience symptoms like disagreement or misunderstanding. But sooner or later, a woman who behaves reactive instead of proactive in her communication can run danger to face growing, arguing in her romantic relationship. And I think red alert lights must light up when arguing changes into fights and feelings of disconnection with a romantic partner. When a woman feels unloved, and unwanted, and why trying to do her very best, she’s doomed to fail. That’s really sad. Is anything Yeah.

And that’s where the length my entrance statement comes in the exorbitant divorce cost of $30 billion dollars just in the US alone that the administration is facing every single year. This is regarding communication skills. So it lends to believe that our seven civilization is definitely off track. So how can a professional woman or female entrepreneur improve the communication in her love life? Relationship? Right away, Fanny? How can she did give those odds?

Okay. In my book, I wrote a specific chapter entitled to communication starts when rash talk stops. There is this quote of charred canes. I don’t know if you know him. And I love it so much. It says, I just realized my lips are inside out. They should be turned inwards, because I spent most of my time talking to myself. Oh, my gosh.

Never heard that before. But if you want me to repeat it, I do. I share Atkins Yeah, it’s really great. You have to check him out. Yes. So crazy ideas. And he writes them so wonderful. So once again, I just realized my lips are inside out. They should be turned inwards, because I spent most of my time talking to myself.

Oh, and I think we can all relate to that.

Yeah, that’s it. And here’s the point, as long as one listens to the inner voice instead of listening to the partner, communication is nonexistent and only an illusion. The required connection for constructive communication simply doesn’t exist. Now, how can we get rid of this inner distraction of this inner voice? There’s a simple way to do that. Our mind needs brain food. And the best brain food is questions. I always remind myself that the size of the question determines the outcome and my results. So a woman should focus on quality questions she asked herself and best practice is to have three to five short quality questions on hand. Which one can apply whenever relationship challenge surfaces that he can throw? So what I heard you say was quality questions? Yeah. So Fannie, can you give us examples of what these quality questions would look like?

For sure carry on. As an example, my most favorite high-quality questions are, first, what are the needs of each other? And second, what are 10 possible options that could create a win situation for both of us? Can I? Absolutely I repeat it first, what are the needs of each other? And second, what are 10 possible options that could create a win situation for both of us? Wow. Well, my first question, I start listening to the needs of my partner. And when I’ve identified them, the second question creates massive brain food and distracts my inner voice, you have to look for 10 options. And also it creates a space for teamwork, to be creative and to look for extraordinary solutions. These two questions really work great for me, as it is often easier to figure out 10 solutions than just one. And this crate by our variety of options also shifts the tone of communication. Right. Another point is about how a woman handles critic criticism. For some it can act like emotional switch that triggers feelings like fear or anger. Dr. Wen breezing Dean, I don’t know how you spell this in English. It’s already difficult in German with an American scientist and wrote the book with the title the female brain. She says women have Nate Lane superhighway for professing emotion. While man half a small town two-year-old I lost that line superhighway for processing emotions by man half a small country road. I think this answers a lot of question does. Driving along a country road we’re like, totally got that. According to this eight-lane high emotional highway, it’s important to balance one’s emotions. As those drives the whole communication. A woman’s ability to perceive criticism as an opportunity makes her progress rapidly in her proactive communication skills. Instead of looking for other thoughts to make them feel guilty, she will focus on the advantage of criticism. Also, in this case, quality questions are of great help to distract her in your voice.

Can you give us some examples of quality questions for this case?

Okay, sure. First of all, I would say his criticism is justified. Is this justified? And the second one, how can I grow out of it? I think that’s the most interesting one. How can I grow out of it? And what can I gain? self-awareness and self-esteem makeup woman untouchable, she can’t be offended by criticism or provocation. Instead, she prefers to face criticism actively without judging. Neither does she cultivate resentments self-approach or admit feelings of skills. And regarding this topic of balancing emotions, I designed seven communication tactics a woman can apply. I call them fire walk hints, and they are all outlined in detail in my book. Finally, I think I would like to emphasize the art of setting limits. That’s, that’s also a topic for most women. The art to set limits appropriately is a juggling act. It’s like turning the volume button of a radio. There are quiet and loud sounds with countless nuances. It’s crucial to have more than just one or two sound levels available, as every situation is different. And to stay smart, whatever a woman decides to do, that’s important keeping her emotional state controlled and preventing herself from being thin skinned. The art of setting limits, demands turning the volume button mindfully. Only then a woman is able to observe the effect and adjust her level accordingly. She needs to know very well, what she’s doing and which reaction she wants to provoke. proactive instead of reactive requires to think about what style to set limits and train them in advance.

So, this might be a very personal question. However, I want to ask, what was your loudest sound ever to set a limit?

I just say, Karl Lagerfeld. Oh, yeah, it was a porcelain plate. irreplaceable, really, which I smashed to the floor. And believe me carry on. That’s really not my typical style to set limits. Nevertheless, in this specific situation, it’s work. To offer your audience a hint, know, is the most effective way to set limits. Little children are mastering its applications. And how often does one say yes? And means no. You know, such behavior is one of the top reasons for stress. in congruence with your inner world damage is long term your self-esteem and health. And that kind of performance eats away a woman’s happiness and life and her love relationship. So the question is, how to say no, in a diplomatic way. And in my book, I offer 10 varieties of tactics to set limits to keep it short. Let’s just have a quick look at two of them if you agree, Korean, yeah, that’s, that’s absolutely fine. By me, I’m got me he’s got me intrigued.

So for example, when a woman is challenged to set limits, she can apply the tactic, offer something small for something big as offer something small for something big. Ask yourself, what would be an alternative to offer and listen to your inner voice? And then just say, no, I don’t like to do X, whatever it is, but instead, I can offer you to do why. This is a tactic that I personally liked very much. It mirrors willingness for concessions, while respecting one’s personal integrity. And the next tactic is also one of my favorites, I call it what is often we just forget to ask, what would happen? If I would say no? Oh, wow. If I would say no, this question reflects our need to have a choice is to request an order, or just a wish. That’s a crucial point. This tactic will make a woman’s life much easier, and also will enhance her partner’s awareness about his own communication style. Those were the two tactics. Well, Jim Carrey, and I’m thinking this is pretty like this is pretty powerful stuff that you’re sharing with us. And I don’t think I know we could talk for more for hours, but communicating in love relationships. Would you agree?

Absolutely. I would love to share also my insights about what I call the good lands and bad lands in communication. But you will need another hour to get this.

Well, we’ll have you back. I have absolutely no problem having you as a repeat guest. So that’s one out of 10 options we’ve got available. Okay. All joking aside, I have a one of my favorite questions. What was the craziest results you’ve ever achieved with your work with your clients, Fanny? Like, let’s get certs. We’ve just heard about everything. So how can what have been the results of your clients?

Okay. Well, today, I worked with clients for a minimum of half a year in order to make sure that behavior shifts and relationship skills become natural habits. However, some years ago, there was this woman she was completely desperate about having been left by her partner. For two years, they live together and according to her one day without any previous indication and he said that he didn’t love her anymore, and he left the common apartment. First of all, I believe that those things don’t happen without signs. Nevertheless, the woman asked persistently for my help. So my question to her was as follows. Are you sure you bought him back? And she said, yes. And so it happened. Within two weeks, she got him knocking at her door and begging for loss. Wow. That’s the thing. I was talking to a friend the other day, and I said, you know, I’ve become so laser focused, I listened to a woman’s life challenges and immediately determined the gap in her relationship skills, the harmony and the happiness in romantic life and the woman’s relationship skills are very aligned. If she tries to solve relationship problems, without improving her skills, chances are high that she ends up frustrated. And if you keep doing the same, you will get over and over the same results. Or in other words, when you see problems, you will write problems. You know, changing behavior patterns to better and making them happy, is by far the smartest stairway to seven heavens love.

Absolutely love that. And you’ve mentioned your book and it’s talked about working with you privately. So I want to make sure that our listeners know how to reach you because I know a few of them are definitely like I need to I need to work with Fannie and because they like what they’re what you’re talking about in it resonates with them, and how you’re committed to the best of their love relationships, how can people get ahead and reach you and learn more about you?

Well, the number one thing I love people to do is to access their own copy of some book chapters of butterfly habits how to make your honeymoon last forever. It’s my gift to you. All were listened to us. Can we see W. Butterfly written in one word, butterfly And you will discover you will discover the fairy tale about to be sex, you will learn the secret game changes in a relationship and also the one single word that shifts your relationships universe instantly. The if you just can’t wait to talk to me, you can send me an email at Fannie at Fannie Repeat Fannie at Century And I’ll be delighted to chat with you and see how I might be able to serve you.

Oh, Fannie. It’s been an amazing chatting with you. And just before we wrap up, I just want to is there anything that you kind of want to one last word that you’d like to leave our listeners with? It is tenacious Tuesday, we’re all about accepting grace and ease and being willing. So what is what’s one, one piece of advice you can leave our listeners with tonight?

So I always say relationships create your future, be it in business or be in your private life. So be sure yours are top notch. It’s just the it’s all relationships are your children, your family, everything your friends and your partner and the skills you learn. They serve you beyond your love relationship actually.

So this really goes beyond these skills are definitely laser focused for relationships, but they can be applied in other areas of your life, other relationships not just the intimate relationships that we have. But your boss everyone Fanny’s book, butterfly habits how to make your honeymoon last forever. Absolutely love that title is available on Amazon and Fannie. I just want to thank you so much for offering a few of your chapters to our listeners as a gift. I know that they will be taking you up on that and I mean, I would kind of want to know what the fairy tale about the weaker sex is all about. You got my attention there.

It’s a pleasure carry on really, and I enjoyed very much being with you being with your audience. I’m just happy that we had shared this time together.

I am too Who thank you so much. And just for everyone listening, I just want to reiterate, she is coming to us live from Switzerland. We met at a retreat through Tallinn Rush’s workshops. And but right now in Switzerland, it’s almost 1am. For her, we started the show at midnight in Switzerland for her. So, Fanny, that just shows how determined and dedicated you are to sharing this message with the world and helping people make their honeymoon last forever. So thank you so much for joining us, and I won’t keep you much longer because he sounds beauty sleep is very important as well, isn’t it? Okay, I feel it right. Are you finished? Actually? Oh, good. It was really it was just a pleasure to be with you to have the opportunity to share all this. These three massive mistakes with you and your audience. And so I’m really happy and refreshed and I think I could go for a walk right now.

You’re going to make your honeymoon lasts forever thank you so much.

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