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Rev Carrie-Ann Baron

Tenacious Living Choose Your Adventure

Rev Carrie-Ann was inspired to create her own collection of true short stories featuring 29 individuals who will motivate and inspire you to look at the challenges in your life in a new way. Rev Carrie-Ann included her own story of how she chooses to build inner strength and success.


In this book, Rev Carrie-Ann dives deeper into her personal story and shares her journey on how she chose to focus on her capabilities and not her limitations due to physical and mental health issues. She shares the key metaphysical concepts that shaped her values and beliefs that she lives by now.


In this book, Rev Carrie-Ann reveals for the first time her struggle with coming to terms with chronic health issues, misdiagnosis’ and she shares her raw emotions and talks about how she came to terms with the losses associated due to her physical and mental health issues.