Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Tenacious Living Radio Show. It is wonderful to have you here on this tenacious Tuesday. I am coming to you live from Vancouver. It is warm and sunny out there. It is beautiful. We have an amazing woman sitting in our virtual green room and today the topic is about intuition and how to use your intuition in relationships. And that wonderful lady, her name is Angela Lenhart. She’s an accomplished intuitive and relationship coach, inspirational speaker and author of a charm journey and inspired guide to personal transformation. Angela’s book has been endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer and he says a charmed journey is a marvel of a book chock full of advice to live with spiritually aligned life. Angela inspires others by sharing her insights and self-mastery skills she has learned to living life on purpose. She has also earned a BA from the University of Northern Colorado and business management and finance. She has traveled to China Thailand studying alternative medicine Finch wait Kye Gwan el darted Tiguan meditation, yoga and Thai massage and has maintained an intuitive and healing practice in Denver for is it 13 years now? Wow. 13 years. That’s amazing. Welcome, Angela. Welcome.

And thanks so much for having me. I appreciate it. Carrie.

Thank you. So how do you I always there’s always one word in everyone’s bio that I mess up Qi Qi Gong is that it’s a gong?


It’s and what is that?

One, you know, it’s like, it’s very similar to Tai Chi. So it’s the movement of energy. So it’s, it’s moving the internal energy, and shifting that and just creating, you know, it’s about the breath and opening up space within yourself. So it’s like a dance. Yeah, it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful. So I see that a couple of years over in Beijing. So I’ve actually seen profound results with healings when people use Tai Chi and Chi Gong. So it’s very powerful.

That’s, you’ve done quite a bit of traveling in your life. Can you tell us a little bit about that, because I’m, I’m all about traveling, sometimes I’m broadcasting from Vancouver, and all over the place. Anyways, tell me about your travels.

You know, I’ve always had this, this sense of adventure. And maybe I should have toned it down a little bit, because maybe I wouldn’t have been flying by the seat of my pants most of the time. But I have I’ve studied in China and Thailand and around the world scuba diving. So pretty much every place that I go in the world, I tried to learn a lot about their culture, what, you know, what they eat, what they do, what kind of, you know, arts do they study about their, you know, their mind, body spirit. So I just, I just think that people all over the world are so fascinating. And I when I go to another place, I really immerse myself into their culture. And I tried to just be open minded and available to really seen and seen people for who they are. And in return, they see me for who I am. And I’ve had the most amazing experiences. So it’s just, you know, I think traveling is essential for growth and just creating more spiritual awareness around yourself and others as well. So I don’t know, I highly recommend, you know, traveling if you if you can, absolutely. Do you feel that you have to go far, far places to travel? Like if people aren’t ready to do the big trips? Is it okay to start in, in different areas just within your own continent?

Absolutely. You know what, starting your own backyard, you know, start there. And, you know, you don’t have to I used to think that I had to go to these exotic places to learn, and it took me it took it took me years to discover that, that what I was searching for who I was searching for was me. And all I had to do was actually be present in my own skin, be present in my own body, mind spirit, and just get in touch with who I am and it didn’t matter where I go. goal, or what I do, because it seemed like I was always looking for the same thing, which was me. And, you know, fortunately, traveling to these places really, really, really caused me to go within and stretched me beyond my comfort level where a lot of fears or resentments or angers would come up because I wasn’t able to control situations because when we get so far out of our comfort zone, we really don’t know what’s going to happen. So we’re really, you know, vulnerable to circumstances and the universe and, and, and so I had to go, definitely, I’ve always had a lot of a lot of trust in my life. So I think that was ingrained in me from a very young through young, young experiences in my life, and I was able to translate them those experiences in every area, throughout and that’s pretty much what has molded me here today. But, you know, traveling is expensive and, or can be I chose to go as a minimalist. So I pretty much go with the backpack and you know, bought a plane ticket and it stayed in hostels, or monasteries where were you know, whatever was the cheapest, because I really didn’t have a lot of money to go, but I really wanted to learn, and I was willing to do whatever, whatever it took to evolve within my own self.

So what did you find about yourself on those journeys, you know, the same no matter where you go, there you are, that I had to go all the way around the world, like four times to figure it out, no matter where you go, there you are, and you carry all of your emotional baggage, all of your stress all of your stuff with you, no matter where you go. And it isn’t until you become very conscious of your own behavior, and are willing to look at your, your patterns, and change them. From the Inside Out is that’s the starting point in changing your life. So you can you know, you can move houses, you can travel, you can continuously buy whatever it is that will you think will provide you happiness, but truly, I have found in my expenses that, you know, happiness comes from within. And but of course, I had to learn that the hard way, you know, but now I feel like I’m so I am incredibly happy. And not only that, but just emotionally free from my old stuff, you know, that continues, continuously repeats itself throughout our lives. Because those patterns are embedded into our subconscious mind. And, you know, just bringing all of that up to its awareness. So we’re able to transform, and transform from the inside out and be who we’re supposed to be.

So when you started this path, did you realize that you were seeking your own path to happiness? Or is that something that just sort of, kind of came to light to you as you were doing this traveling? Or was that your intention with these travels?

You know, when I first started, I was just in, I started out as a massage therapist, and then the more that I learned about massage therapy, I thought, oh, well, you know, in Thailand, they do type spas. And like I said, I’m rather spontaneous. So I went home, and I got on, got online, and I thought, well, where can I go to learn how to do Thai massage, because I’m one of those people that like to go right to the source. And that’s why I do what I do as an intuitive I go right to the source, I go to our, to our divine energy. And I wanted so I decided to go to Thailand and I bought a ticket I’ve never been, I don’t think that’s my really been the first adventure that I had, you know, been out of the country by myself, I bought a ticket. And then I made myself go and I went and I was there for you know, a couple weeks, I think two or three weeks the first time. And then I realized that I you know what I kind of went the, the American way. I got a hotel, where I had, you know, a pool and, you know, a nice bed. And pretty much, you know, about a week and a half into it all these people were looking at me think you know, going well, you’re not really stretching your, you know, you’re really stretching yourself and because I had all of these comforts, so close to me. And they said, why don’t you know, decided to put a backpack on and venture out outside of your comfort zone. And I thought, oh, why don’t I do that. So the next time that I did go back, I went back as a minimalist and wow, you know, I my, my journey really, really, really ended up going you know, haywire. But when I came back, I was so happy and excited that I decided to do that and go down and go that route. So you know, it’s the first time I you know, I wanted the comfort zone key to conference with me. And the second time I thought you know what, I’m just going to go and I’m going to figure this out one day at a time and that was the most freeing and liberating, you know, experience I’ve ever been in my life. And from that point, I started just, you know, traveling and learning and growing as much as I could. And here I am.

And here you are an accomplished intuitive and relationship Coast coach. So what can you tell us a little bit more about intuition? Like, what did you find? And how did you access your what is it? First of all, what is our intuition is our internal guidance, right, it’s that inner knowing that deeper inner knowing that is always there that was with us. And that is, that is guiding us to our, you know, our higher purpose, and always moving us towards our excitement and our soul’s growth. So our intuition is definitely this, this mechanism that is within us, it’s like that compass, and we can tap into it at any time. But the key is to really, really listen to what our internal guidance or intuition is telling us to do. And then it’s about building a relationship with it. So you’re able to be receptive to the wisdom and then being able to act on that as well. And I, you know, I think my intuition, I was born with this, knowing I was, I was always able to see spirits. And but for whatever reason, I was always able to just trust, trust, trust that message no matter what, and that started at around 1314 years old. And from that point on, I was really, it was interesting that I felt like that was led around by my intuition. And I, fortunately, my intuition has always kept me safe. Now, that doesn’t say that, I haven’t been in some very troubling situations. But as soon as I find myself in those situations that don’t feel good, I, you know, I sit within myself I connect with that part of me that knows my highest good, and then I’d listen. And it’s amazing what truly developed from listening to our own inner guidance. So you know, it’s, we all have it, but we just have to, it’s like, a muscle, we have to develop it over time. And, you know, you start small, you begin tapping in and using your intuition just on little things, and pretty soon it begins to take over and guide your life. And it’s just amazing, what, what how your path will unfold, when we do listen to our higher guidance, because that is really, you know, our divine essence that says, you know, this is your soul path, this is your journey, listen to it. And, and, and just keep growing and learning and evolving. And amazing things, great things happen.

They do. So, how do I know like, for my own journey, listening to my intuition, it’s definitely an it’s a skill, it’s muscle confidence that you have to develop, as you said, so how does one who’s just starting this journey? How have you figured out how to access your own inner guidance?

Well, for, for my students who are just beginning to use their intuition or, or wanting to apply it to their, to their lifestyle, I, because I, I, you know, I love the body, you know it because I’ve extended the body, you know, physiologically, as well as you know, through massage therapy, through other modalities as well. So I know the body really, really well. And so I tell my clients to pay attention to their body begin to build a relationship with your body, because your body really does know what it knows if you’re in a situation that isn’t healthy for you, you know, so it’s like maybe the tightness in the gut, right? It’s like that gut feeling. Or maybe you get this, this feeling in your throat, you know, your throat begins to become constricted and tight. You know, these are little signs that your body’s giving you. That is also your intuition telling you to pay attention, you know, so if your body I wonder beginning, I would say pay attention to your body, how does it feel when you’re in that situation? And if it begins to get tight and tired, you feel constricted low energy, you’re probably need to make different choices. Or if you feel happy, and you’re liberated and are excited, that’s your body’s inner wisdom, saying yes, you’re on the right path. Keep going, keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep doing what you’re doing. So building that relationship with the body. I think it’s fairly simple when we take the time just to slow down and listen.

And isn’t that true? Like it’s sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to apply in our everyday life? I know. Why do you think that is?

I don’t know we love to complicate life and life isn’t Meant to be that complicated. It’s pretty simple. It really is. You know, there are it’s simple, but I don’t know why we want to make it so difficult. I mean, I was one that wanted to make it so difficult to and that I learned some basic philosophies and, you know, like the law of attraction for one, you know, it’s like, the soul is that, you know, it’s like, what the energy that you give out is what you what you get back. And when you start to really notice that you take a step back and go, wow, how am I being in this world, and just that simple philosophy of, you know, the law of attraction energy put out is, what comes back is what begins to change your life, because you know, that every word that you speak, sooner or later will come back in a park right on the doorstep. And, you know, I like to, I know, as I’ve written a book, like you mentioned, and I said that, you know, the, every word that I that I spoke of, that truly came out of my mouth, I was living it. So now, where I am today, in my life, if I don’t want to eat those words, again, I make sure that they don’t come out of my mouth. So you know, just being just being very simple around that. So what words do you speak? What stocks do you think and start there, and don’t worry about going to step 20. If you haven’t gotten like step one, two, or three down pat, right, in your in your living that way? So just start simple pay attention, you know, create awareness around you, your consciousness and, and always go within and ask, what is the deeper lesson here, you know, because the universe is always providing deeper lessons, it wants us to grow. And therefore it brings situations and opportunities, relationships, to come our way so we can grow. That’s the whole purpose of relationships is our own growth.

I just, I’m just thinking about everything that you’re saying here. And, and it’s so with the intuition, it’s, it’s trusting within, but sometimes the ego, people will think that it’s the intuition that they’re hearing, but it’s actually ego, can you speak a little bit to how to differentiate the two.

You know, the, the ego likes to keep us safe a lot. And the ego operates off of, you know, old behaviors and, and, and past experiences as well, right? Because it wants to keep us safe. And it also prevents us from moving forward. Our intuition always, always wants us to evolve and to move higher. So how do you differentiate between the two CI when I connect with my intuition, I know that is the truth, like I feel it in my body, I feel it at the deepest level of my core. So that is when you know, that’s when I know that it’s my intuition telling me, when the ego is speaking to me, I, it’s like, the thoughts become a little wishy washy, I’ll go, you know, maybe I should do this, or maybe I should do that. So it’s like, I don’t really know what direction I should would, what direction I should go. So my intuition, I have built this relationship with it that I know, for a fact, this is what I should do, because it’s, it is who I am. And I just, I always set that intention every day. That my intuition, my higher guidance, my you know, I believe in angels and spirit guides, and, and all of that, that they’re always guiding me to my highest and best purpose. And so I come with that thought, and I sit in that I’m like, I trust that the Divine is always working on my highest and best. And so I guess that’s how I allow my intuition to leave my life and not my, not my ego. Because I know that what as soon as I let my ego run my world, I usually faced a lot of I find myself in situations that are, that are so difficult, and life isn’t meant to be that difficult. You know, we like we talked about earlier, you know, we tend to make our situation so much harder than they need to be. So I just try to pay attention to my intuition. I build that relationship with my body, and I listen to that. And then when I know that, it isn’t what I should be doing, my body will tell me you know, you need to leave you to keep going. And I listen to that, regardless of what my mind tells me. So I do allow my intuition to lead my life. Because like I said, the ego will, you know, it’s always about, you know, look at me now, or see me do this. And unfortunately, the, you know, I always say to my clients, is the soul driven. Don’t allow your ego to run your life. Your ego is there to complement your life and it’s a great motivator and it does keep us saving it always, you know, it’s great for self-confidence. But as soon as we allow our, our ego to take over, we usually find ourselves in situations where we’re not happy. And that’s why I say it’s live a soldier in life, you know, always move towards your excitement, your higher purpose and be in touch with that. And from that place is when your life will totally unfold in miraculous ways, and the universe will just keep bringing you opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. So that’s, whenever I’ve been in my ego, guess what, I’ve run into brick walls, and nothing’s ever worked. And I’ve tried to knock down those walls, and it still doesn’t work. And then I go, you know what, maybe this isn’t my path. And I take a step back, I reevaluate, and I go, what should I do now? So I ask the universe, and then I take the next step.

Like that. So how does that? I’m just thinking, so once you start to listen to your body and yourself, and you get into alignment with your intuition, when you have an a significant other, how does using your intuition in relationships correlate then?

Wealth, you know, loaded question. I know that it’s a loaded question. Okay. So at the, you know, at the beginning of a relationship, you know, I’ve had numerous relationships, a lot of you know, soulmate, soulmates, right, people that teach us lessons, our soulmates, teach us lessons, right, and they teach us the toughest lessons. And so you know, when, when we’re in situations, and our body is constantly, we’re starting to feel sick, we start to feel unmotivated, maybe even a little bit depressed, or have a lot of anxiety, maybe that’s a good time to really, really reevaluate the relationship that you’re in. So it can be a relationship, you know, a romantic relationship, or the relationship that you have at business, know everything in life is a relationship. And the best relationship that you’re ever going to have been the relationship that you have with yourself. So when you really know yourself, and you, you understand how you operate in this world, you will understand why you attract the relationships that you do, because your relationships are all about your growth. So when you come from a place of lack, less than, you know, low self-esteem, you’re wondering, if you have self, you will generally attract that relationship that will teach you about that lesson. And it is always you know, to, to be able to create boundaries, and to come from this place where you know, yourself and you love yourself so much, that you are not willing to put yourself in situations that do not feed your spirit. And so, you know, when I That’s why I said that they the BI is a key indicator on letting you know if you are or aren’t in the right environment. And so relationships mean when you when you find yourself in a new relationship, and it’s fun, it’s vibrant, and it’s exciting, you know, the body is always open and free. But then over time, as we begin to learn about each other, you know, to people, you have to pay attention on whether or not you can truly use exercise your voice, right. Or if you’re holding yourself back, you know, every time we begin to hold ourselves back, we’re not truly being who we’re meant to be. And over time, that does build you know, resentment, and that in that builds, that you begin to find yourself in a situation in a relationship where you’re no longer you, you’ve almost maybe you become a chameleon molded into that relationship. And that’s not what your life is all about. Your life is about you being your best, your best self. And so we have relationships that reflect to us our best selves, and teach us how to be our best self, and to let go the relationships that are no longer serving us. I see in my office quite a bit but women especially we find ourselves in situations and we’re just afraid to get out of them for whatever reason. And you know, we’re, we’re, we’re settling you know, we’re finding ourselves in situations so I did a lot where it just kind of beat me down beat my spirit. You know, I was in a relationship that really started this whole process that that beat me up spiritually, emotionally, financially, and it wasn’t until one day my soul my soul said that’s enough. And I got to fire that just came from within and so in pretty much the words just came out of my mouth. I am leaving. And you know, whenever you find sometimes you go oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that. You want to shove those words back in your mouth. That That’s what happened to me. But my soul just had enough with me sacrificing who I am. And so, you know, if you’re compromising yourself, if you’re sacrificing the best part of who you are, that really isn’t a relationship that is about happiness? Or maybe it is, it just depends on how you to find your happiness. I mean, there’s so many layers, right to who we are. But at the end of the day, we’re about love.

Yeah, I’m just sort of thinking back to some of the past relationships I’ve had. And I was like, oh, man, that guy was a soulmate, Chris.

The guys that the, you know, the, you know, the relationships that bring you the toughest lessons, they are there for a reason. And it’s so great. Because if you can look at these relationships, and you can go, okay, what’s, what is the lesson I’m learning from this relationship right now. And you can find value out of it, and then you can let it go, that is the most exciting time in your life, because you go, wow, that was a major lesson. And then it’s like breaking that pattern or, or healing that part of you, that needs to be healed. So then from that place, you can create loving and supportive relationships, rather than, you know, rather than being like a wounded burden, or a victim or whatever, whatever space, you know, you’re in it. And we’ve all been there. I mean, if we’re breathing, we’re growing, and we’ve all had, you know, obstacles, but it’s taking obstacles and transforming them into opportunities. And that, you know, relationships are the greatest teachers of our lives.

Well, um, you, you use the word victim. And I, that’s, I talk a lot about the victim mindset. And when you’re in that victim mindset, it’s more the ego and not your intuition, right. So it’s that whole Law of Attraction, when you’re thinking about everything that’s going wrong in your life and what you don’t like about your relationship, you’re going to continue to draw that into your world. Correct? Yeah, I, you know, I wouldn’t, I don’t know, if you go if I would use the word ego, because it’s like that wounded part of us who it’s the inner child, and we all have an inner child within us. And you know, throughout times in our lives, our inner child does get wounded from you know, parents or teachers, relationships, whatever, whatever that that spiritual teacher looks like, at that time. And it’s about going in and healing that inner child because when you heal, that inner child actually really creates your life. Absolutely. And, and our soul’s evolution is about healing ourselves. And it starts with healing that inner child and those old hurts, and nurturing that part of you, from you nurture that part of you, we don’t find other people we don’t find our relationships to heal, that we heal it within ourselves. And then from that place, we find relationships that support the best version of who we are, you know, subconsciously, a lot of times we find relationships that we want to heal that inner child and that isn’t their job, you know, our it’s our job to heal ourselves. But those relationships reflect back to us our hearts and that’s where our work is. So it’s about you, it’s about you hearing you and we have teachers that support us but at the end of the day, it’s about you fixing yourself the victim comes from when we want other people to fix us and when we point the finger and say well you did this to me this happened because of you and you can remain in that victim state your entire life everybody can you can you can choose to remain in that state your entire life or you can choose to say yes that happened to me. But from now on, I’m going to rise above that. I’m going to see if there was a lesson in that and I’m going to choose to heal that and that is when you can kind of break the cycle the cycle of you knows, the destructive but itself being self-destructive and sabotaging relationships and finding like a true love a true soulmate that or you know a twin flame that that is your other half. So soulmates typically, you know bring to us our hard hardcore, you know, life lessons, and our twin flames are really the other part of who we are our divine essence.

So there’s a difference between twin flames and soul

soulmates? Yeah. Because twin flames once you once you have moved through a lot of your soul lessons. You no longer have to learn those again unless you choose to. But we’re vibrating that that’s Stace, you know, and we sense. It is a law of attraction; we all have a vibration. So what you know? And if you want to know what your vibration is, all you have to do is look around, what kind of people what kind of opportunities are you attracting, because that’s the energy that you’re emanating. And it’s our opportunity right there to change that vibe, and to raise our awareness. So we can vibrate at a higher level, a higher speed of love, compassion, kindness, and we will attract people who represent that. Wow. Yeah, it’s there’s so much I mean, we could talk for years about this.

We only have 25 minutes.

Right. But it’s, you know, it’s fascinating once you, once you’re committed to your own happiness, and really being happy from the inside out, the universe will conspire with you to make that happen. But that comes with the price of you, knowing you is the price of you willing to look at yourself in the mirror and saying, this is me, and embracing all parts of who you are, without leaving out anything without leaving out one thing because everything, you know, the dark side of who we are, the you know, the light of who we are, is our wholeness. And we cannot leave out any part of that. It’s just about embracing it, and accepting it for what it is and not judging it. You know, I’ve learned I one of the hardest lessons I was forced to learn and my lessons definitely came into forms of relationships, and also through spirit was, you know, judgment, because anytime that I used to judge somebody else for something, guess what it came back at me. And I realized that I was tired of pointing the finger because every time I pointed the finger, I was pointing it right back at me. And then I had to relearn that lesson again. And it wasn’t until I was so sick and tired of doing that, that I finally decided to evolve and to grow up, you know, and I That’s my face, you know, one day decided to grow up. And I really wanted to get control over my monkey mind, and no longer allow my subconscious to run my life. So now I just, every day you show up, you show up for your life.

Well, and like thinking about your own journey, you started, you got a degree in business management and finance, then you kind of shifted into massage therapy, and now you’re helping others figuring out with their life. Yeah, like, that’s a pretty, pretty amazing journey that you’ve, you’ve been following that you’ve developed, you know, thank you. It was it’s been quite the journey. And it’s been exhausting as well too, at times. But, you know, it started when I was 20. Well, you know, started at 13, when I lived in a foster home, and I you know, my mother was an alcoholic and, and she could no longer take care of us, me and me or my brother. And so I just, I knew that I love my mother so much. And I wanted her to heal. And I knew that in order for her to heal, I had to remove me and my brother from the situation. So it started way back then, and not even have an inkling of what intuition was. I mean, I grew up in Montana. So on a farm, I don’t, we really didn’t talk about intuition. I don’t even think I knew I knew about the word. And but I just got into the car and just started driving. And I just drove to a house. And I think my intuition might divine guidance starts back then. And then when I was 24, you know, after I got my business degree, and I was in the corporate world for a while. Every time I would go to my office, you know, the phone would ring and I’d be like, oh my god, I can’t answer the phone, you know, I can’t turn this computer on. It was just horrible. And then my mother passed away one night in her sleep. And that is when my life changed. Because my mother was my best friend, I talked to her, you know, four or five times a day on the phone. And I remember I went to a psychic because I knew I needed help. I was thinking, well, my mother, my best friend has died, my mother died. What do I do with my life? I have this degree but I’m so unhappy. And the psychic was phenomenal. And he said, you know, Andy, you’re here to help people heal. And I said, well, how am I supposed to do that, you know, I don’t want to go back to college to get a degree in you know, chemistry. And she said, no, you will learn, you know, you will learn other techniques and tools and she kind of just set me in a direction. And from that place, I just began to study the body, the mind and it’s kind of all came together in pieces. You know, so what, I never learned everything all at once. And we’re I think we’re all constantly learning. But it’s just, you know, taking each day as it comes and we know as soon as we feel like our spirit becomes interested in the subject. That’s really our soul’s calling saying hey, you know, check this out, you know, check out this author or this You know, this nice little thought, and maybe it’ll be something about whatever I read or hear that will unlock a piece of me, that gets me a little bit deeper into who I am. You know, we’re, we’re just so many layers, right of, well, spirit.

So may I ask you a question? Absolutely, maybe very obvious, but what is your, what is your purpose?

What is my purpose? You know, I, I feel like I have a lot of purposes. But really, my purpose is to give people hope, I, because my journey has been so extraordinary. And I’ve been through, you know, foster homes, and numerous relationships and a lot of, you know, financial destruction, health stuff that I’ve, I’ve kind of, I’ve kind of walked through the fire, and I’ve come out stronger than ever. And so I really, really love to help people walk through that fire, when they think that there’s no hope that they’re at the end of the rope, there’s always, always, always hope. And there’s always a higher guidance, willing to help you, all you have to do is ask. So if there’s one thing that I know for sure, for each and every one of us is that we all, we are all like divine creations. And we all have this higher guidance that is helping us in life if we’re willing to connect and listen. Why would I do?

One of my mentors, when I first started on my journey, one of the things that really resonated with me was trust with your heart, what your mind cannot yet comprehend. And I really think that that’s pretty, it’s very similar to what you’re saying, like, you don’t quite know exactly what’s happening, but you know, something’s shifting within you, and you’re moving into that greater purpose. Right. So it’s, it’s not necessarily knowing where you want to be at the beginning, it’s just knowing that you’re ready to move forward.

Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, we think that these deaths, it really isn’t about the destination, it was never about the college degree, it was never about the trip to Thailand, it was never about, you know, the million-dollar house, it was never about that. It was about the experiences that got me to that destination. And, and the journey that the people that I met, the, the challenges that I went, went through, that was, that was the lies that is life, you know, the journey was just like, okay, I’m going to go here. And I had no idea that the unfoldment of, of actual, the actual journey was the true lesson was the true excitement. You know, it’s been in the present moment, it’s really been in the here and now. And living in the present moment, you know, we can always, we always have to have goals. I mean, I’m extremely goal oriented. But I’ve learned that I have a goal that becomes very flexible with how I get there, because how I think I’m going to get there, and how I get there looks two totally different ways. And even, even to this day, even to this day, I still live by that how I think I’m going to get there is not how I’m going to get there. So I know that enough to know, you know, what, you know, I say, okay, universe, I really want to move, you know, up a level and in this area in my life, and I just take one step to take one step and I pay attention to how I feel and I create a lot of awareness around you know, the mind, body and spirit and I’m always, you know, connecting with my own intuition and paying attention to messages. And when it doesn’t feel right, I reevaluate the path and I go a different way there’s no need for me to beat my head against the wall anymore. I’ve been there and done that enough times. That if there’s another purpose that I have is I you know, I’m one of those people that will say quit beating your head against the wall it’s not worth it. You know, you are meant to be happy.

Well, and I think you do I want to say this tenacious living that’s what we’re all it’s about using that spirit of tenacity to support you rather than hold you back. So in my journey, I in my prior life, I’ve been fairly stubborn and like, I’m going to make this work no matter what, right?

You’re going to peg in a round hole. Yeah, I’m going to do this no matter what. But, and that’s where tenacious living is really inspired. It’s, it’s being allowed to tap into your intuition and the law of attraction and really support you in making those decisions from a place of empowerment and for the greater good, rather than trying to make it fit. You have the tenacity to really shift and try something different.

Absolutely, yeah. When we make it work, but it’s the ego that is the ego trying to make it work. Usually when we follow the intuition, and we and we’ve, we’re following our soul’s path. It’s, it’s, it isn’t done, effortlessly. But it just, it just flows, it really just flows. And you will find people and opportunities that just kind of that show up very, very are messengers. And when we try to make it work, and we’re really, you know, going down a path, it’s going to be a dead end, we generally don’t hear those, those inspiring messages along the way. You know, so it’s just like us, like I said, it’s about awareness. And it’s about being in the present moment. Sometimes we get so caught up in the future, about, you know, I want to, I want this to happen, I’m going to make this happen. And it totally distracts from the, it distracts from your life, distraction, your happiness, your you know, you are the creator of your own happiness and your own life.

That’s, you know, people just starting I was like, you mean, I can change the direction my life is headed?

Yes, absolutely. And I know, when I kind of had that realization, the brakes went on pretty sharp, and I was like, oh, my gosh, I can actually change the course of my life just by trusting myself. And that’s, that’s really what it is that what you’re teaching your clients to do. How do you use your intuition, all of these life learnings to support your clients?

So how do I use my intuition to support my clients? Yeah, how are you in service? Yeah.

How am I in service? Well, you know, I, once a month, or once actually, it’s whenever spirit really speaks to me. So through my website, I have what was called inspired notes. And I channeled messages from spirits. And I was, that is one of my agreements with spirit is what does my audience need to hear, and it hasn’t failed yet, I will get up in the morning. And I will know exactly what to say. So I will sit down, and I will type a newsletter or an inspired note, and I will send it out to my audience. So that’s what we do. So whenever spirit says, you’re going to do this, you’re going to create, like an inspirational quote, those are always given to me through my higher guidance. Or they’ll say, you know, you’re going to call this person you’re going to be on, you know, asked to be on her radio show, you’re going to do that. So all of these little, you know, and these little messages come in one after another, and I just keep following it, and the door will open here, and they’re there. And it isn’t, you know, it’s it isn’t always, you know, consecutive, it isn’t always within a certain period of time. But I just know, that it’s the right thing to do, because it feels good. So because I’m an inspirational speaker, I’m all about, you know, inspiring people, you know, inspiring, you know, hope and, and dreaming big, that’s my motto. And really just, you know, self-improvement and growth. And my mission is just to give away offers as much advice or suggestions that I have that I’ve learned from, and just scan this and share that with people, and whether or not they want to take that and embrace it and file it away in their own cabinet and then pull it out later. In a certain point in time in their life, that’s their choice. But I just know the deepest level of my being. And I’ve been told this before from spirit and spirit, and I have a very close connection. And I feel I’m pretty much guided with everything that I do. I just know that when, when I hear this message to do this, I do it. When I hear to go to this coffee shop, I do this is the wherever I go, I look for ways to be of service. And that’s, you know, that’s if you if you want to if people really want to change their life, and we’re waiting for a miracle, or we’re waiting for that aha moment to happen. Don’t wait, don’t wait, just do it right now and just do it right now. And instead of waiting for that miracle, go out and be a miracle for somebody because as soon as you start to give away what you want to get, it’s amazing what shows up in your life. So go out and be a miracle you know, and maybe it’s just offering smile or maybe it’s opening the door maybe it’s you know, buying somebody a cup of coffee, it doesn’t have to it doesn’t have to be this big huge thing. It’s just random acts of kindness have been of coming from a place of compassion and an open heart that will create an opening in somebody’s life and most importantly, it will create an opening in your own life and amazing things happen. Because I think I’m living proof of it. Sometimes I just go oh my god, I can’t believe I made it out of that situation alive. So anyhow, it’s

no it’s amazing and you’re saying how always waiting for aha moment when you really in reality, you can choose to have an aha moment, every single moment of the day, right? Yes, always. There’s always something around us in this present moment, wherever you’re standing, or wherever you’re sitting, or wherever you find yourself. If you just take the moment to look, you will find something that goes, wow, that is, absolutely, you know, life is truly beautiful. And it’s when you stop and you slow down and you smell the roses is when you can really see the beauty. And within that beauty is when the magic shows up in your life in ways that the mind can’t even comprehend. But you have to you have to be able to be in that space, that space, that space of being quiet, sometimes that’s that space of stillness, because that is truly when wisdom come through, wisdom doesn’t come through the intuition doesn’t always speak to you, when you’re, you know, running around in your hamster wheel, you got to slow down, you got to stop that you got to get off the hamster wheel. And you got to sit down next to it and just go, okay, I’m going to be I’m going to listen, I’m going to listen. And so it’s about, you know, training the mind. But that is when the wisdom and the true intuition will show up. And that is, that’s what changed my life.

And, you know, so Okay, so you’ve been working with your clients for close to 13 years? What does it look like? Because it’s changed your life. And it sounds like we have very similar beliefs in this, obviously, that’s why we’re chatting, you were brought into my life for a reason, which I absolutely adore. And thank you. So what is what does what can someone expect when they walk into your office? Or they’re signing up for an intuitive than a healing session from you? What can they kind of experience?

Well, it’s interesting, I tell them not to expect anything, nothing, don’t expect anything, you just come in the door, you’re just open, you know, I sent you know, another great lesson I learned in life is don’t expect anything, you know, just be and be the, you know, do your best, right? And because when we expect something from somebody else, especially another human, chances are, we’re going to be let down. Right? And because they’re not, they might never be able to give us exactly what we need. And so we have to be able to provide that for ourselves. So when people say will come in, you know, they want to come into my office. And I would say well, you know, give me a list of questions, you know, you know, let’s start with some questions or, you know, obviously know the direction that you want to move in. And, but it’s ironic, because people will come in for one reason, but what shows up is just like the opposite end of the world for them. So it’s it was, it’s interesting, because last week, a woman came into my office, I’m also I do a lot of animal communication. And she wanted to talk to me, well, she wanted me to communicate with her dogs. And but really what transpired in that brief conversation was, her son had passed away, and her son came through the dog through me, so she didn’t really want to talk to, you know, a psychic about her son. So it’s like, oh, her soul, drove her to my office to talk about her dog. And her son actually happened to come through. And that was the true message. Yeah. So like I said, how we get there does not look anything like we think that it should? No, I think that’s one of the best messages you could give listeners never not to have any expectations. So I love that.

When you have no expectations is relationships. I mean, sure you expect it absolutely there, every relationship that I’m in now, I wouldn’t say that. That it’s an expectation, but there’s somehow, I want to be treated. This is how I’m going to show up and I and if it isn’t the same vibration as me. This might sound a little cold hearted, but I’ll say, you know what, I can love you from a distance. Because I can’t I don’t need to stay in the situation. That doesn’t make me feel good. Well, I won’t do that anymore.

That’s really just practicing being discerning as well. And trusting your intuition and honoring your intuition is that honoring

it was honoring yourself, and it’s loving yourself so much that you’re not willing to put up with anything that doesn’t support you in every shape, way and form. So that’s, you know, that you know, a lot of people come to me for a relationship questions. And they’ll come in and they just, you know, we, I love to push the buttons that make you know, that when people cry, that’s always a good thing, because that’s an opening of the heart. And that’s when you can truly begin to start processing what’s going on in your life is when your kind of When your heart opens, when you said a few, when you said quite a few tears, you really break down because that’s when you’re willing to listen. One of the one of my favorites, favorite quotes that I heard from this senior minister from the Nada, nada, nada nominals right now, it’s late, first that I go to he said, Thank God for those of us who are correct, because we are the ones that let the light in. And I love that sound like, oh, well, I’m so crafted as anyone funny, and I just, I laugh out loud, because it’s just, it’s, it’s awesome, because I don’t have to do this perfect figure. Obviously, I can’t pronounce nondenominational right now. You just have to learn to laugh at yourself and be light hearted, and be free. And be yourself. That’s all you need to do to yourself, just really be yourself. And when you discover who you are like who you really are without that world, it’s amazing, isn’t it?

It’s powerful. That is That is true. That is the true meaning of like, inspiration of power, right of being in that space is when you know, how awesome how special what a how magnificent you really are, because you are this divine creation, when you really own that. It’s, it’s, you’re just like a seed that begins to just blossom and grow. And you’re, you know, in your root system is so it’s so deep and thick, that you’re that you’re able to withstand, like any storms that kind of come your way. And you’re because you you’ve developed this over time. And so it does take you know, it does, it is a process about discovering who you are. And it’s about knowing what you don’t want in order to know what you do want, you know, I’ve been through quite a few things that I don’t want and, and you know, I thought for the longest time I wanted this, I want this, I want this. And I was fortunate because I was able to achieve all those goals are attainable, the material possessions that I wanted, but once I got them in my hands, I was like, this really isn’t making me happy anymore. And that’s when I really realized that my search for happiness had to be my happiness with myself. There wasn’t anything in the outside world that I could identify my happiness with. And that was the journey of me writing my book is that I really lost everything I was, I was at the bottom. And spirit said, well, now that you have no thing, like nothing to identify yourself with. Now you can start recreating your life. And that was tough. That was extremely tough. So I wouldn’t highly recommend it for very many people. That’s because it wasn’t a fun process. But unfortunately, that’s what I needed to go through to learn what I did.

Yeah, and I can share your journey like because I went through various, I lost pretty much everything. And I had to start from scratch and rebuild my life while I was learning to love myself in the process. So totally, totally.

Yeah. So you can definitely attest to a lot of tears being shed, and a lot of like sitting there going, what in the world am I doing right now? Yeah. So that those thoughts go through your mind, not 24/7. But there’s just something that keeps us going, right, that keeps us doing what we do. And, and it’s like I said, it’s just it’s, it’s a journey. It’s evolution.

So tell me a little bit about your book. We’ve got about five minutes left. So I want to I want to talk a little bit about the term journey that you’ve been on. Tell us a little bit about the book, what can people expect when they buy it? Pick it up, you know, well, inspiration stories. So it’s really like I’ve chopped up my life and little tiny pieces. So it’s the book started, you know, I’ve known I guess when I was 24. after my mom passed away this the psychic told me you’re going to write a book. And I did tell her she was crazy. There’s no I’m going to write a book and that, you know, she’s just whatever. And she said, she said to me, on my way out the door. She said, and by the way, it needs to be published before you’re 40. And I really looked at her and I said, no, you’re know you’re really losing it. And I book was published the day before I turned 40. And that, whether it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, I’m not sure. But the events that led me up to the writing my book, I was in a relationship that you know, was the one that that really taught me the hardest lessons and that’s what my soul said, that’s enough. And I left and I decided to, you know, live the life of a homeless person. And that fortunately for me, I didn’t have to live on the streets. But I did decide to delete everything that I’ve owned, or, or was familiar to so I could discover who I am. And with that, that evening, I had a dream about my I book and the lessons that I was going to have to teach. And so, that morning, I got up and I journaled what that would be about. And then from that place, I sat down every single day, and I began writing my story. So it’s a memoir about my life, and my connection with spirit and how spirit has guided me through my life lessons. And, you know, ranging from my spiritual lessons, to my emotional lessons to my physical lessons. So it’s, you know, it’s just kind of a, it’s just a big, this is a big overall picture of my life. And, you know, hopefully, you know, I was, like, forced to write it. I mean, that’s what my that was my path. And spirit made sure that that is what I did. So, I had a fortunately I had had everything removed. So I would sit down, and, you know, just be very diligent and tenacious about writing this book, and then the day, the data, you know, after I finished it, you know, had it, I was accepted into bookstores, and then got, you know, Dr. Dyer’s endorsement, and a lot of really cool things have happened since then. But if you would have told me that that would have been the, you know, what has happened? What would happen at the beginning of the journey, there’s no way I would have believed you. So that’s why I said, you just, you go. It’s just it’s just a continuous unfoldment of your life.

Mass, did you meet him in person?

Yes, I have. I have met him in person. You know, I listened. You know, during the darkest days of my life, I was listened to Wayne Dyer’s CDs, I would read his books. And I would listen to him over and over and over again. And there were certain times that I knew that a lot of what he said I wasn’t able to comprehend. I like I didn’t, I didn’t have the awareness. But I always knew that a part of me would understand what, what he was saying, but it would seep into my subconscious. And I told spirit, I told spirit, when I started this book, The day that I started my book, I said, I need three goals. And the first goal was to, you know, get it into this bookstore. And the second goal was to get it into this hospital. And the third goal was to have Dr. Dyer endorse it. And two weeks after I had written the book, he endorsed my book for me, and it was a God thing. It was a God thing. So that’s why I said, there’s always a higher power, watching us. And then when he was in Denver, I did get the, yeah, I was so fortunate to meeting him. And I, when I first met him, I said, I looked at him, I said, I was in tears, I was incredibly humbled. And I said, wow, I said, I feel like I’m looking at God right now. And he goes, I am God. And he goes, and so are you. And so we are, we all have that, you know, divinity within us, right? We all have that we come from our source we are that. And it’s claiming that it’s knowing that, that we are the essence of what we were created. And every single one of us, everything that’s breathing is of that source. So he is the most amazing man. And to me, I you know, I just like Oh, my God, I was so incredibly humbled, and he’s just, he’s just an amazing person and being in a space, that just like touch, touching them and giving them a hug. I swear, it transformed my life. Because energy was just so clean, you know, and its vibration what we were talking about, right? You know, you got to you have to have a high vibration, high frequency.

Yeah, I’d use that word quite a bit. It’s finding the right frequency that works best for you. So it’s kind of cool, that we’re near the end of our journey together today. So okay, so we got to wrap up. How can people buy your book? And how can they find out more about you? Okay, so I have a website, Angela Leonhardt, that’s le n h AR di t So that’s my website. And my book is available on Amazon. So if you know Kindle or paperback and it’s just the term journey, and so it can, they will deliver it directly to your house, I have Twitter, I’m on Twitter at Trump the world I do have Facebook on so people can do. So there’s you know, just type in my name and I swear, you know, my whole life story comes up so I can’t hide anymore. You know. I’m no longer incognito in this world. I was like, I feel like my mug shots out there everywhere. So it’s just what I do. And I love I love what I do. I love to, to motivate inspire people because, you know, we’re all here to really live a happy, happy and healthy life, you know, in every shape, way or form. And I really encourage people to build that trusting loving relationship with themselves. And once you’ve got that really down pat and you know who you are, then start to branch out and really in five in that soulmate, that twin flame, that relationship that feeds your spirits, because now you’re coming from a place of strength, rather than a place of being needy. And anytime we’re needy, anytime that we try to control or manipulate or sabotage that in some way or form that’s always going to come back. It has to it’s a vibration. And I didn’t make this up, you know, I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it through other people’s lives, and it will show up either from our health. It just shows up in various ways. So, you know, just try to just, you know, always, always, always strive to learn and grow and to get change the change behaviors that are no longer serving you, right? This, change our behaviors. And every time in our lives, we have an opportunity, everything is a choice, we really do have a choice, you have a choice, whether you want to react, or you or you want to respond. And every time we react, we’re reacting off of old patterns, old behaviors, old, old stories, and so therefore, it’s going to come back around again, when we choose to take a step back and respond intelligently. That is when we change our lives.

Beautiful message to end the show with beautiful. Thank you so much, Angela. I am so I’m looking forward to the future and talking a little bit more with you. Finding everything else, everything else out. And are you okay with coming back on the show in the new year?

Absolutely. I would love it. I would love the opportunity. So thank you. Take care bye.

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